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By Earl Deemer

                                            Thumb Drive

I have carved Thumb Tacks from many pieces of wood. The total at this time is over 1200. I have come up with a different idea. I purchased some cheap computer flash drives. Instead of inserting a nail and creating my thumb tacks, I carved a slot and inserted the computer flash drive. I now have created a thumb drive. Click on image to enlarge

Earl Deemer's Thumb Drive     Earl Deemer's Thumb Drive     Earl Deemer's Thumb Drive

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See newspaper article about Earl Deemer's hand carved thumb tacks

Submitted by Allan Schwindt
website: Artist-Schwindt

Dr. Nathan Gale's Urn   Dr. Nathan Gale's UrnAttached are a couple of fotos from Allan, one of our IWCS members. He made an urn for the ashes of a past member of IWCS, Dr. Nathan Gale. Dr. Gale spent several years in Panama during the 90's and he acquired quite a lot of Cocobolo, a lot of carvings by the locals and a few other woods that he planned to work with in his retirement in Ashland OR. Unfortunately Dr. Gale has gotten Alzheimers and is now in a care facility in Southern Oregon. As a result of this illness, he gave a huge portion of his Cocobolo and a few other rare woods to Allan. Allan recently learned that Dr. Gale's health is failing fairly fast and Allan was asked if he could possibly make the urn for Dr. Gale's ashes from some of his wood and include one of his carvings. One of Dr. Gale’s favorite animals is the snake and there were some great Cocobolo Snakes in existence so Allan put in some effort to find one. The size of the snake carving was not well suited for a standard urn shape, so he decided on a much flatter and shorter shape of the urn that would allow the use of the snake. Submitted 04/24/2016

Submitted by Phil Conlon


Submitted by Jim Zoellner

Segmented Plates
Segmented Vases and Vase Collection
    Ornaments & Bottle Stoppers

Inlay Work & Bottle Stoppers
Submitted by Chuck Holder
The "Menorah" (left) - Nine candle Menorah - silky sugar maple arms, willow base (Star of David), olive mount (round)
The "West Coast Collection" (right):
  • Salmon -"Ts'iina" - pronounced "chee-na" (1996) - yellow cedar on base,
  • Wolf clan mask (2001) - red alder, 2 bentwood boxes (2007) - yellow cedar & western red cedar.
"Inukshuk" crafted of the woods of each of the 13 official trees of Canada & its provinces. These little Canadian inukshuks, about 6 inches tall, make wonderful gifts for visitors to Canada.

Submitted by Allan Schwindt
website: Artist-Schwindt

Old Folks Shoe Horns. About 22 inches long.
  Back Scratcher is laminated on a form. In this case, I used Black Walnut as the primary wood with Maple inserts. I started making these about 25 years ago and recently made a new form and tried a few more. This one is about 21" long with a 1½" turndown on the end.
Submitted by Larry Pulka


The Man-of-War Philadelphia was built around 1776 and ships of this type were used on rivers and lakes during the American Revolution. The model was built in ¼ scale from 12 different kinds of wood. Model has no paint or stain on it.

Model won 1st place and best of category at the Dayton, Ohio show of 2003, and 1st place and best of category at the Columbus, Ohio show of 2003.

Model was completed in 2003.

Submitted by Keith Towe.

A lidded box. It is 100mm. dia. x 75mm.high.  from Forest Oak.  Allocasuarina torulosa.
A lidded box. It is 100mm. dia. x 75mm.high from Forest Oak.  Allocasuarina torulosa.
Submitted by Greg Reed.

"This is a jewelry box I made for a friend's daughter. The box is primarily walnut with some maple and maple burl trim."
Submitted by Allan Schwindt.
  • North American Map - 41" X 24" made from wood samples received from all states and provinces.
  • Maple Leaves - Ladies Lapel Pins patterned from the Vine Maple Leaf. Presently made from 120+ different wood species.
  • World Map - 50" X 32", made from wood samples received from all Countries represented, (except Antarctica)
Allan Schwindt's U.S. Map