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Future Wood Meetings

One of the of best ways to share your experiences with and/or learn more about forests, trees and their wood from botanists, dendrologists, wood collectors, woodworkers, and other wood lovers, is to attend a local, regional, or international meeting (also called "woodfest") of the Society.

Members and guests come to hear or see programs about wood, talk about wood, view demonstrations on woodworking, tour interesting woodlands and/or wood-related operations, and choose from hundreds of wood specimens at the auction.

If a meeting in your area is not listed below, please volunteer to host one - you can learn the procedures from experienced hosts listed on this page. Meetings can be planned on a small scale. Even so, do not be surprised if members from other countries attend your meeting.  IWCS members include botanists, dendrologists, wood technologists, wood collectors, wood workers, and people who just admire the beauty and versatility of wood. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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IWCS Annual AGM Meeting

Annual AGM Meeting

Central Region
Central States USA

August 22 - 26, 2018 Annual General Meeting,
St. Charles, MO.

2018 AGM in St. Louis MOThe AGM for 2018 will be held in St. Charles, MO at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

There will be wood demonstrations, wood and craft auctions, instant gallery, vendor tables, and lectures.

All wood collectors, woodcarvers, woodturners, wood crafters and wood lovers are invited!

2018 AGM in St. Louis MOSt. Charles is a beautiful historic city across the Missouri River from St. Louis. It was also one of the starting points for the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the stomping grounds of Daniel Boone. There is great shopping in Historic St. Charles and beautiful trails and parks for walking. Please mark your calendars to attend this meeting.

More info to follow. Visit our website at or our FB page at "IWCS St. Charles MO Annual General Meeting 2018" and coming editions of World of Wood.

2018 AGM Registration Form

AGM Meeting Schedule

Graeme Briton from Australia is looking for a roommate for the St. Charles, MO AGM in August. His contact info is

For more information:

Wes Kolkmeier 314-359-4127

Patti Dickherber 314-740-6593

IWCS Events by Countries with Active Chapters

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United Kingdom
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United States

Great Lakes Region
Great Lakes States USA


Northeast Region 
Northeast States USA

Northwest Region
Northwest States USA

June 23, 2018 Northwestern Meeting,
at Gilmer Wood Company, Portland, OR.

We will hold a meeting on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at the Gilmer Wood Company.

Gilmer Wood is located in Portland, at 2211 NW St. Helens Road, 97210, off of Route 30 in the NW part of town. Phone 503-274-1271. for a map showing the business location.

Our meeting will begin at 1 pm and may last 3 or 4 hours. Owner Myles Gilmer started his business in 1978 and now has 6 employees. And 3 large warehouses.

Gilmer Wood has a large supply of both domestic and imported woods. "Every kind of wood you could think of, plus some more." One of his specialties is musical instrument wood. Also furniture wood and turning blanks.

When visiting Gilmer Wood we usually only see the main warehouse. But on this visit we will explore the contents of all three warehouses. Myles will talk about changes that have occurred in lumber supply over the years, woods no longer available, new woods now available, woods that may be added to the endangered species list (thereby restricting their import), import permits and the red tape involved to obtain some woods. And perhaps most interesting of all Myles will tell us "horror stories" that he has experienced in obtaining some woods.

This is absolutely not a sales promotion meeting (although if you wish to buy something, you may do so).

As our Northwest Chapter of IWCS has not held a meeting for some time, we welcome all members and guests to this event.

Alan B. Curtis, Trustee, NW Chapter. Email:

Central Region
Central States USA

Southeast Region
Southeast States USA
Southwest Region
Southwest States USA

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Statement on IWCS Liability for members traveling to Society activities
(As found in the December 2003 issue of World of Wood )

The following, written by an attorney, and reviewed in 1998 by the Board of Trustees, has been edited so the information applies to all meetings, wood collecting trips, tours, and other IWCS activities, domestic and international.

"The International Wood Collectors Society has limited resources and cannot afford a liability insurance policy. Therefore, anyone who attends an IWCS meeting, and/or any pre-meeting and post-meeting activities, by attending such events and activities hereby agrees to the following: "

"1) Travel has risk and those who attend meetings and any related activities assume any and all risks involved, including, without limitation, the risk of bodily injury, death and/or property damage; and 2) To release the IWCS and its officers, trustees, employees, and agents, including the meeting hosts, trip coordinators, and leaders from, and agree not to sue any or all of them on account of or in connection with any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, costs or expenses arising out of attending the meeting and any related activities, whether or not caused by the negligence or other fault of the IWCS."