International Wood Collectors Society

A Dedicated Group of Wood Collectors and Crafters

Officers of the IWCS

Elaine Hunt

Elaine Hunt
Jim Ciesla - VP
Vice President
Jim Ciesla
Gary Green - Elected IWCS President Elect on March 03, 2016
President Elect
Gary Green
Patti Dickherber
Patti Dickherber
Duane Keck

Publications Chair
Duane Keck
Gary Roux

1st Past President
Garry Roux

IWCS Trustees
President Elaine Hunt Florida, USA
President Elect Gary Green Indiana, USA
Vice President Jim Ciesla Florida, USA
Secretary/Treasurer Patti Dickherber Missouri, USA
Archivist Dennis Wilson Michigan, USA
Publications Chair Duane Keck South Carolina, USA
Endowment Fund Chair Greg Reed Calgary, Canada
Trustee, AustralAsia John Lyons (2016-2019) Victoria, Australia
Trustee, Canada Robert Ritchie (Interim) Ontario, Canada
Trustee, EuroAfrica Willem Hurkmans (2018-2021 ) Crete, Greece
Trustee, UK Ramsey Pattison (2013-2016) Essex, England
Trustee, US North West Alan Curtis (2013-2016) Oregon, USA
Trustee, US South West Dave Mouat (2011-2017) California, USA
Trustee, US Central Wes Kolkmeier (2014-2018) Missouri, USA
Trustee, US Great Lakes Roger Pletcher (2017-2020) Indiana, USA
Trustee, US North East Mark Peet (2015-2018)

Pennsylvania, USA

Trustee, US South East Mark Weaver (2016-2019) Virginia, USA
First Past President Garry Roux Illinois, USA
Second Past President Art Lee Maryland, USA

IWCS Officers
President Elaine Hunt Chairman, Executive Committee
President-elect Gary Green Member, Executive Committee
Vice president Jim Ciesla Member, Executive Committee
First past president Garry Roux Member, Executive Committee
Secretary/Treasurer Patti Dickherber Member, Executive Committee
Publications Chair Duane Keck Member, Executive Committee

Committee Chairs and/or Function & Services Providers
All-Mail Auction  Open  
Membership, Chair Bob Chastain Indiana, USA
New Member Correspondent Garry Roux Illinois, USA
Corporate Membership Coordinator Open  
Student Membership Coordinator Open  
Wood Import Permits Alan Curtis Oregon, USA
Wood Specimen Kits Gary Green Indiana, USA
Website, Chair Art Lee Maryland, USA
Webmaster Erlene Tarleton California, USA
Website-Wood Questions Herm Stolte Alberta, Canada
Nominations Chair Garry Roux Illinois, USA
Publications Chair Duane Keck South Carolina, USA
Endowment Fund Chair Greg Reed Calgary, Canada
Editor, World of Wood Mihaly Czako South Carolina, USA
Editor, Membership Directory Open