International Wood Collectors Society

A Dedicated Group of Wood Collectors and Crafters

The IWCS Northwest Region meeting was held at the ranch of Jim and Rita Campbell on May 17, 2008. There were 47 people in attendance. It was in honor of two of our members who passed on and left their wood supplies to the club. Frank Lynn was world known for his work as an auctioneer to any club that asked for his help. He had such a great sense of humor, he always made it fun to be at the auction and we will miss him. But as luck would have it we have another fine auctioneer in our chapter that has great auctioneering experience, Ken Bassett, he has helped Frank in the past. The other member passing on was Bill Krutz who was very active in our local chapter. Both members will be greatly missed.

The day was beautiful with the afternoon temperature reaching 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Several people got sunburned, including the author. At our spring meeting, the group normally has a wood auction, reviews the Lesser Known Species reports, and elects officer for the year. Because of the amount of wood available for auction, Chairman Alan Curtis held a brief meeting and advised that this meeting would largely be devoted to the wood auction. The Lesser Known Species evaluation and the election of officers would be put off until the July meeting.

Ken did an outstanding job of getting the most for each lot of wood. I believe that we could consider the auction a huge success with over $3000 received for the wood.

Rita Campbell served us a great lunch at about 12:30 pm. Then it was back to the auction.

A number of people brought show and tell items and a few were available for auction or to use as door prizes. Some of those pieces auctioned were by Frank Lynn.