International Wood Collectors Society

A Dedicated Group of Wood Collectors and Crafters

On May 16, 2009 Indiana members Herb and Jackie Stough hosted another well attended IWCS regional meeting at the Midland Fire Department located near Jasonville Indiana.

After registration IWCS members were treated to coffee and doughnuts and several demonstrations. Bill Thompson kept the sawmill working all morning.

IWCS members were privileged to enter these creaking almost ethereal powerhouses and experience the conversion of wind energy for grinding, sawing, and milling operations.

Members were treated to a delicious country style dinner created and served by the members of the fire department. During the dinner hour, IWCS attendees were given the beautiful wooden scroll saw ornament center pieces and turned table favors made by Harold Lawson, Herb Stough and Don Lawson.

President, Garry Roux, welcomed the group and introduced all the new members, the officers and trustees to the attendees. Garry explained many of his goals and plans for future events and fund raising for the organization.

Bill Poynter with his hand carved morel mushrooms
A total of 86 members from 8 states - Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Kentucky registered. Thirty Five visitors entered the firehouse to observe wood techniques and to learn more about IWCS. Visitors John and Lora Burris became new members.

Ron Odegaard of Wisconsin turned Wooden bells on his lathe which were well received at the craft auction. Gary Simmons of Missouri displayed his beautiful wood craft items. Gary scans a design into his computer, then the computer controls the router thyat carves the design into the box. Tom Goodman who has the same type of machine also had some of his work on display. Indiana member Pat Munger displayed her lovely wood burning pictures and demonstrated wood burning techniques. Chuck Hoffman of Illinois displayed his interesting and unusual handmade musical instruments crafted from various woods. Francis Crissmore demonstrated her wooden spinning wheel. Garry Roux displayed his wooden oval shaker boxes made from unusual woods. Jerry Zipprich brought a collection of wood samples. Lyonhesse Bee Farm from Brookfield, Indiana displayed honey from their bee farm. Bees have a connection to wood as they are beneficial in the pollination of trees and other flowering growth. Bill Poynter displayed his hand carved wooden mushrooms in an old iron skillet.

President Garry Roux, Vice President Gary Gronborg, Past President Bill Perkins, Trustees Stan King & Bob Chastain, Archivist Dennis Wilson, and Secretary-Treasurer Bill and Myrtle Cockrell attended the meeting.

Proceeds from the wood and craft auctions totaled $718.50.

On behalf of the IWCS Board of Trustees we want to thank Herb and Jackie for all their hard work and efforts they put into making this day a successful event for IWCS.

Pat Munger demonstrates wood burning.

Pat Munger demonstrates wood burning.

Vice President Gary Gronborg
Vice President Gary Gronborgh shows his collection.
Sue Kennard
Sue Kennard demonstrates spinning.
Vice President Gary Gronborg
Ron Odegaard turns his wooden bells.