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Indiana? The Regional is in Indiana? Well, this was music to my ears. I was born in Iowa and raised outside of Chicago. I haven't been back to visit since 1998. We were able to incorporate a small famjily reunion in Auburn with this trip to Ladoga. Driving from Auburn to Ladoga brought a feeling of coming home. The corn fields and the red barns brought back sween memories.

We arrived at Bob and Judy Chastain's and again, I felt like I was home. Bob greeted us, then Garry and Shelly Roux. Garry and Shelly introduced us to our vice-president Gary Gronborg and three couples that are new to IWCS, but eager to join us at Lake Yale this coming February. We signed in and got our name tags and started walking around. Bob Nunan was demonstrating the art of a square bowl and Tom Fortenbery was next to him turning a bowl. John Burris was down the way hewing a dough bowl. We took a good look at the wood offered for the auction and then Bob Chastain took Harry to the back!!! Bob had saved a box elder log (Acer negundo) to give Harry a piece ( I think it was bait) and then to auction the rest. They loaded it on Bob's sawmill and he and Alan Zachary went to work. That log was cut into several pieces in very short order.

Garry RouxGarry Roux
The corn fields reminded me of a movie, but I resisted the urge to wander into the field. However, there were several gourds on the outer edge and, after getting Bob's permission, I went to picking. I have baskets of gourds to remind me of a wonderful afternoon andbring a little autumn to Florida.

After the blessing was given, we proceeded to eat lunch. The ladies that helped Judy are to be applauded. Everything was very well organized and the chicken and sides were very delicious. I think Bob was the last to eat and I'm not sure he got to finish. We had a drawing for door prizes and Bill Perkins helped to pass them to the winners. Then on to the auction. I was having a hard time participating in making booboo bunnies and keeping an eye onmy husband at the auction!!!

Bob Chastain, Alan Zachary, and Harry Wheeler at the sawmillBob Chastain, Alan Zachary, and Harry Wheeler at the sawmill

Shelly brought her latest quilting project which was just gorgeous! But then I returned to my husband's side and kep-t resisting the words "do you really need more of that". But of course he did!! Bob did a terrific job and there was a lot of wood taken home. Jerry Humphreys stepped up to help Bob later in the auction. Everyone seemed to enjoy the auction. I know our pick-up was loaded and the gourds rode on top the wood. Bob thought we raised over $1,500 for IWCS. We settled up our account and snapped a few pictures before we said our good-byes.

I want to thank Bob and Judy Chastain for their hard work. The event was well organized and lots of fun. It is special when people with a common interest get together. And Bob and Judy were gracious hosts.

It was a wonderful day of sharing; sharing old friendships - building new ones. We shared tried and true techniques and the latest technology; we shared family news and old stories. And most of all, we shared the warm smiles and hugs and sweet fellowship.

Tom Fortenbery and Harry Wheelar
Tom Fortenbery and Harry Wheelar