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April 9, 2011 Saturday, The Southeast Region had a half-day meeting hosted at the US Naval Academy Museum (Preble Hall) in Annapolis, Maryland. We toured the Ship Model Shop and learned about some of the building and restoration projects. Builders described what woods they used, some of their thought process as to why they are using certain woods, and some of the challenges with the construction. After the tour of the Ship Model Shop, we visited the rest of the Museum and had a few wood displays and presentations and finishing by noon.

Look for the article in the next World of Wood.

The USNA Museum first floor exhibits tell the story of the Navy from its pre-Revolution roots up through the Space Age. The second floor showcases the Rogers Ship Model Collection as well as the Beverley R. Robinson Collection of historic naval prints. On the lower level, visitors will find the Ship Model Shop where they may watch through a window as staff members work on restoring the museum's collection of ship models. The Museum Store can also be found on the lower level. In addition to the galleries, museum objects are also exhibited in the Chapel crypt, Memorial Hall, the Yard, and most of the academic buildings.

U.S. Naval Academy Museum
118 Maryland Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21402-5034
(410) 293-2108