International Wood Collectors Society

A Dedicated Group of Wood Collectors and Crafters

was held in St. Charles, MO. at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Elizabeth Desrosiers   Violet Oman
(left) Elizabeth assembling all of her photos between breaks at the meeting. (right) Violet Oman shows off one of the finished butcher block cutting boards. Violet and her husband, Eric, provided all of the materials and taught the class on making the boards.

Garry Roux   Garry Roux
Garry Roux and a team of volunteers spent several months making scale models of the keel boat used during the Lewis and Clark expeditions in 1804. Each couple attending the St. Charles meeting received one of the scale model boats.

Up until they reached the Mandan villages in present-day North Dakota, the Corps of Discovery traveled in a keel boat specially designed for the task. Built in Pittsburgh, the keel boat traveled down the Ohio River until reaching the Mississippi River and eventually, St. Louis. Once upon the Missouri, the boat had to be pulled upstream, an arduous task by any standard, usually making around five miles a day.
- 10-11-2018

Cutting Board Images - click on images to enlarge.

Cutting Boards 01
Violet and Eric Oman taught a class on making butcher block cutting boards. They brought all of the wood, glue, oil, gloves, hearing protection, paper towels, clamps, planer, sanders and a chop saw. Howard Products generously provided samples of their woodcare products to finish the boards, and they provided several bottles of their beeswax products for the silent auction.
Cutting Boards 04
John Ferreira shows how to engrave your name onto the finished cutting boards.
Cutting Boards 09
Joyce Symonds with her finished board. Violet and Eric brought plastic bags.
Cutting Boards 02
Debbie Ferreira finish sands her cheese board.
Cutting Boards 05
Nevada Rye, Pam Munger, and Judy Chastain share a laugh while gluing up
their cutting boards.
Cutting Boards 06
Duane Keck (right) and Art Lee clamp up their boards.
Cutting Boards 07
Once the glue had dried, Eric ran all of the boards through a planer.
Cutting Boards 08
   Denny and Margie Krupinski sort their wood blanks before gluing them.
Cutting Boards 03