International Wood Collectors Society

A Dedicated Group of Wood Collectors and Crafters

Registration by Patti Dickherber, Report by Elaine Hunt #8174-HL
Program by Elaine Hunt, Photos by Jim Ciesla, except where indicated otherwise

Link to the Lake Yale photos by Jim Ciesla

When you leave the highway and drive onto the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center property you leave the world behind. You park your vehicle and do not have to get in it again until it's time to leave. The weather couldn't have been better, with clear skies and temperatures in the low to mid 80s all week—picture perfect Florida, USA, weather.

On Monday the 19th, members started arriving early morning. Classrooms were set up with equipment for upcoming classes. The auditorium had tables for the displays of craftsmanship we all enjoy seeing. Registration started at 9:00 am and there was a buzz of activity everywhere.
Patti Dickherber
Patti Dickherber at Registration desk
Display by Bob Dickherber
Display by Bob Dickherber in auditorium.

Christine Henning, chip carvings
Chip carvings by Christine Henning.
That afternoon, Eric Oman, his wife Violet, and John Ferreira started their workshop for making a cutting board from raw material to finished product. There were 24 cutting boards completed over a 2-day period.

In the auditorium, a class on painted rocks was started and continued throughout the meeting. It was a big hit and someone was always there painting, visiting, but as instructed, no throwing.

That evening we met after dinner for announcement, introductions, and door prizes.

Tuesday the 20th, was a busy day. Ed Bryant and his sawmill arrived early and the sawing began. Greg Chapman of Chapman River Logging donated two deadhead cypress (Taxodium distichum) logs, and one southern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) log. All 3 logs did well at the wood auction on Thursday. Some of the other woods donated were pecan (Carya illinoiensis), chikrassy (Chukrasia tabularis), wild lime (Zanthoxylum fagara), Java plum (Syzygium cumini), sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana), maple (Acer saccharum), ash (Fraxinus americana), and guaba (Inga edulis).
Vice President Jim Ciesla and President Elaine Hunt
Vice President Jim Ciesla and President Elaine Hunt
A pleasant day at the sawmill
A pleasant day at the sawmill
Dave Barriger and large platter
Dave Barriger and large platter.

Demonstration on a mini lathe by Lee Sky
Demonstration on a mini lathe by Lee Sky

Wednesday the 21st started off (as usual) with breakfast at 7:30 and the members were off to the classes and sawmill. Starting things off was Joe Sanders giving his much requested demo turning a mushroom. Chris Nothnagle had a workshop on making a scotch tape dispenser and everyone in the class left with a finished project. Judy Chastain had the ladies making Mod Podge coasters, while the painted rocks continued.

D & J Apiary came with their trailer and lots of information on bee keeping. Naturally, the sale of different types of sweet honey was a hit. You could choose from orange blossom, wild flower, and palmetto raw honey or you could take one of each.

In the afternoon, Lee Sky gave his demo turning a shoe spoon/horn out of black velvet grey SpectraPly (see photo on the top right corner of the page). Robert Ritchie had a class for those interested in making a mobile. All-natural pieces were used, such as pine cones, leaves, sticks, feathers, stones, and anything you could find on the grounds. There were a variety of finished mobiles from simple to extravagant. Sonya Barriger gave a beading class in which the ladies made a bead pendant. After the class, you could see the pendants on silver chains worn as a necklace. Each pendant that came from the class was a different color and very beautiful.

In the evening, the Craft Auction was held. Everything in the auction has to be handmade and woodcraft items, woodworking tools, and exceptional or rare wood. It was an exciting time to hear the bidding for each item, especially for the pink ivory (Berchemia zeyheri.

Thursday the 22nd was the day for the anticipated wood auction which took up most of the day. For those that did not attend the auction, there were still things to do. A number of people went to the local Eustis Flea Market and there were DIY (do it yourself) crafts in the auditorium. Later in the afternoon, there was Bingo with prizes.

The workers at the sawmill were John Roper, Bob Schrepfer, Dave Mather, Gary Green, Mark Weaver, Mark Weaver Jr., Don Smith, Chris Nothnagle, and owner of the mill Ed Bryant. Other workers would come and go between classes and demonstrations.

The auctioneers were Garry Roux, Chris Nothnagle, and Mark Weaver. At the desk at the auctions were Patti Dickherber, Millie Zoellner, and Dee Kriegler.

The money earned for IWCS at the Southeast Regional Meeting is $12,070.52.

On Friday, the 23rd was an early breakfast and then time to say good bye, until next time. This meeting was a success.
Dave Barriger gave a demo on his Nichols lathe, turning a large platter that was placed in the craft auction on Wednesday evening. Robert Ritchie had a class on how to collect and press plant specimens, which included a walk on the grounds. Christine Henning gave a workshop on chip carving and was surprised at the number of people that attended. It was a very successful class and all had a great time learning. Jack LaForge started the afternoon off with his workshop to assemble an Egg-A-Scope, a kaleidoscope in a wooden egg. Pam Munger got the ladies together to make laminated bookmarks, for a break from all the wood.

Also, everyday there was a hands-on, 'learn to turn' area. The mini lathes are set up and Bob Chastain, Lee Sky, and others would teach anyone how to turn. This was an opportunity to learn something they had always wanted to learn and they would leave with a pen they turned themselves.

Garry Roux and his team conducted the Silent Auctions throughout the meeting. There was always a frenzy of activity as participants were putting down their bids trying to win a special product or piece of wood.

Garry Roux and Chris Nothnagle
Garry Roux and Chris Nothnagle at the silent auction desk.

Gary Green Gary Green is 'making sawdust' from Eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana).

Millie ZXoellner
Display by Millie Zoellner in the auditorium

Jean Sumner
Wood sale/exchange: Canadian member Rejean Drouin selecting wood from Ecuador (the Queti Project) offered by Jean Sumner. Photo by Bill Cockrell.
The spacious cafeteria serves three meals a day. The large windows let much natural light in which brightens the mood of the visitors.
Lee Sky
Shoe horn turned by Lee Sky from black velvet grey SpectraPly (laminated wood block by Cosineau Wood Products) and finished with abrasives by Norton.
Rock Painting class
Rock painting class.
Southern Live Oak
Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana) logs from the grounds arrive to the sawmill area. Photo by Bill Cockrell.
Lucy Cruise and Elaine Hunt
Lucy Cruise ((left) and Elaine Hunt (right) in the auction tent.

Greg Chapman
Freshly sawn 2" (~ 5-cm) boards of cypress recovered from the river and donated by member Greg Chapman. Photo by Bill Cockrell.
Robert Ritchie's class
Mobiles in the making in Robert Ritchie's class.
Pink Ivory
Pink ivory (Berchemia zeyheri) and other items in the craft auction in the auditorium

Craft Auction Items
Craft Auction Items
Wood Auction in tent
The wood auction in the tent.
Rare Wood
Rare wood such as Japanese fern tree (Filicium decipiens) await the auction. This woody flowering plant of the Sapindaceae family is so called because of the fern-like foliage. It is easy to grow in Florida and has a dense wood.
Clean up crew
...the clean-up crew, Jim Zoellner committee-of-one ... photo by John Ferreira.