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Many thanks to Garry and Shelly Roux for traveling to Kansas City for the “first” KC meeting last week end. Garry presented "Woods You Know But Don’t Think You Do”. For an example, everyone knows what an olive is, but do you know what the olive wood looks like? So, Garry showed us!!!

Everyone enjoyed the Allan Schwindt 2” button, his maple leaf collection and the Colorful Bottle Stopper in gorgeous Cocobolo complete with instructions, the Kendra Gillman button collection, and Lou Horowit’s wood sample collection. Thanks so much to Don Iverson for paying tribute to Lou by making his Oak sign. These collections inspire us all, we are planning to do some turning and sample making & trading within the next few months.

Show and Tell blew-us-away. We got to see what everyone's been working on. Jeff showed one of the many pepper mills he turns (walnut, maple with ivory inlay), Mel's gorgeous turned lighthouses show off his collection of various species of wood with each ones shape inspired by an actual lighthouse he’s seen through his travels. He also shared his 5 sided winged hollow form in spalted birch, such beautiful work. Mel also had a little one that I didn’t get get to see, it was spalted walnut with a Honduran Rosewood insert and Bubinga finial. Kevin’s spherical box was made from spalted Birch and Ziricote that sat on a ring so it could stay upright when you set it on a flat surface. His Genie Bottle was out there, the Bocote and Black Palm was impressive. We were all tempted to remove the top! Rich seems to have a unique connection to wood found in Hawaii. He shared his Koa and the segmented bowl of 26 pieces, complete with one mystery wood. Dan had a fine collection of Brazilian Rosewood, some to show, and some pieces were for sale. All, absolutely beautiful. Andrea shared a few samples of the wood including Australian Eucalyptus and Mountain Mahogany from Oregon state her late father used for flute making throughout his career as an American Flutist and professor of music. She and Eric brought pieces from the collection as well to sell. Eric Oman shared how easy it was to turn a square into a rectangle when making a chess board. He discussed what to do and what not to do when gluing and cutting strips for the board. (Walnut and maple) Jim shared a water bucket he bought along his travels, each section a different kind of wood. He couldn’t walk away without it!

Garry demonstrated how to turn his "so cute” miniature goblets, Austin didn’t waste any time learning how to turn his first one under Garry Roux’s instruction and off the end of Garry’s tailgate to boot! Austin was a quick study. His goblets turned out perfect.

Everyone brought something for the always spirited wood auction, I can’t believe sometimes how generous everyone is. We all went home with a treasure!

It was a great meeting, and it was wonderful to meet old and new IWCS members from the KC area. Thanks to everyone that attended, you made the first meeting a successful one. For the ones that couldn’t make it, we missed your presence.

Thanks to Elizabeth for being Garry’s assistant, we enjoyed meeting your parents Jim and Mary Ann! Thanks Jeff Nasser for all the help setting up and always being ready to turn!

We’re firming up future meeting dates this week, we’ll let you know what we come up with as soon as possible. We just might see some Kansas City folks making the trip to a St Louis IWCS meeting soon!!

Thanks again to everyone!

Violet Omen

IWCS Central Region

Elizabeth, Jim and Dan, and Gillman
Elizabeth, Jim and Dan admiring the Schwindt / Gillman fine art.

Elizabeth and Dan
Elizabeth and Dan

Andrea sharing her father’s wood for flute making.

Mel’s wood collection is in the form of lighthouses.

Mel sharing one of his amazing creations,

If you look really close, right here, you can tell what kind of wood this is!

Fine examples of identified can tell what kind of wood this is!

Austin creating a mini goblet.

There is no such thing as scrap wood! Garry’s fine miniature goblets.

Jeff and Dan admiring show and tell items.
Allan Schwindt’s hand made maple leaf pins of various species.

Kendra Gillman’s exquisite button creations.

Allan Schwindt’s hand made maple leaf pins of various species.

Mel admiring Rich’s fine bowl.
Mel’s spherical creation!

Jim admiring another fine specimen.


Rich describing his 26 piece segmented masterpiece.

Mel, Jeff and Rich learning from Garry.

Is that Holly on top of that peppermill?

Let the wood auction begin!

Dan sharing his Rosewood collection with the group.

Jeff sharing his peppermill with the group.

Garry providing instruction to Austin making a mini goblet.
“This is a piece of wood you know but don’t think you know” Garry Roux.

Garry admiring Rich’s segmented masterpiece.

Mel sharing one of his masterpieces.

Elizabeth doing her “Vanna White” imitation at the auction.

Eric sharing his “rectangle” chessboard.

Sign by Don Iverson.