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  • What's New in Woodworking
    What's New in Woodworking.

  • Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines
    Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines.

  • 60000 year old forest underwater
    Scientists uncover 60000 year old forest underwater
    and think its preserved trees may help pioneer new medicines.

  • Australia Burns
    The fires in Australia as the world knows are enormous
    , damaging to all life here and they are ongoing.

    Click on the link above to read the whole story.


  • Know Your Trees
    Delight in the splendor of spring trees at Rowe
    — their bark, their buds, the beginnings of new leaves and flowers—and learn to know them by name!

    Please join me as we get to know trees across a range of scales, from cells to forest ecosystems, and through expanses of time. You will learn about the identifying characteristics and growth processes of trees, and explore what makes this sense of “knowing” feel so potent, so vital—how learning names and practical facts can open a window into deeper understanding and connection. When the weekend is over, you’ll be able to walk through a typical forest and actually know what you are seeing.

    More Details

  • Omi Center in Ghent New York The Omi Center in Ghent, New York, has wood paneling salvaged by the Hudson Co. from mushroom farms. (Hudson Co.) Sawkille Co., based in Rhinebeck, New York, salvages tree trunks, turning them into stump tables and seating. They can be bleached, stained or custom dyed. (Sawkille Co.) Click this link for the full story


  • Bodgers Ball 2020Bodgers Ball Feb 2020
    Don Weber
    We will be holding the second annual US Bodgers Ball to be held on June 26-28, 2020 in Wisconsin. It will be a fun time of green woodworking, chairmaking, spoon carving, blacksmithing and more and we would love to have you attend.

    Famous Welsh bodger, blacksmith, and chairmaker Don Weber will be attending, demonstrating, and offering some pre-ball classes.

    If you cant make it there are other ways that you could help promote our event and the craft.

    Ways you could help:
    1. Attend the Bodgers ball and/or present.
    2. Attend Don's classes.
    3. Please pass on the attached flyers to anyone on your mailing list.
    4. Post notices on your websites and blogs.
    5. Recommend Don's classes and the Bodgers ball to other woodworkers, carvers, chairmakers and students.
    6. Donate a small item such as a plan for charity.

    Ways we can help you:
    1. We would be happy to add your name and information on our sponsors and partners page promote your classes and products.
    2. If you attend, bring your products for sale.
    3. Elevate the awareness of bodgery and green woodworking.

    We now have a new website and we can be followed on Instagram at @usbodgersball.

    Please help us make this a great event and if there is anything I can do or answer, please contact me.

    Thanks and stay sharp!!!

    Steven First
    President Systems Seminar Consultants/First Properties
    2987 Yarmouth Greenway Drive, Suite 202
    Madison, WI 53711
    608 239 4326 Cell


  • Spotted Lanternfly
    Questions about Spotted Lanternfly

    Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about spotted lanternfly, including their damage to plants, how to manage them on your property, and what you can do to help!

  • Sept 2019 Issue
    Seedling Order Form inside.
    In the September 2019 issue of the Missouri Conservationist is their 2019-2020 George O. White State Forest Nursery Seedling Order Form. For more information and to order seedlings online, visit

    Orders are accepted online September 1, 2019 thru April 15, 2020. (no phone orders are accepted) Check out the online catalog for all available seedlings.

  • Ghost Forest EmergesGhost Forest Emerges - As the morning sun cut through a veil of fog, an ancient forest emerged from the sand, covered in sea life and enshrouded in mystery. Known as the “ghost forest” of Neskowin, this group of some 100 stumps and snags is all that’s left of a 2,000-year-old stand of Sitka spruce, once buried by an earthquake, now revered as one of the most remarkable natural phenomena in Oregon. 08/21/2019

  • Penn State XylariumPenn State Xylarium - As well as a flourishing library, the school by 1909 had a wood collection containing specimens of nearly all of Pennsylvania’s native trees and large shrubs. For each species, cross sections and radial and tangential sections had been prepared to show the gross appearance of the wood. The next step was the preservation of samples in alcohol and glycerin so that sections suitable for microscopic examination could be cut. These latter sections were to be especially useful in the study of timber physics (wood technology)." E.H. Thomas, “A History of the Pennsylvania State Forestry School, 1903 – 1929. 07/20/2019

  • spotted lanternflyNew Resources Available on Identifying and Controlling Tree-of-Heaven
    With recent efforts to combat the threat of spotted lanternfly Penn State Extension has recently completed several useful resources to help with the identification and control of tree-of-heaven, commonly referred to as Ailanthus.

  • From Tree to Shining TreeRadio Lab - From Tree to Shining Tree
    Forest can feel like a place of great stillness and quiet. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city at rush hour. In this story, a dog introduces us to a strange creature that burrows beneath forests, building an underground network where deals are made and lives are saved (and lost) in a complex web of friendships, rivalries, and business relations. It’s a network that scientists are only just beginning to untangle and map, and it’s not only turning our understanding of forests upside down, it’s leading some researchers to rethink what it means to be intelligent.

  • Just a Piece of WoodJust a Piece of Wood - Innovative and interesting pieces of wood art. Thirty Three Wood Art Sculptures from everywhere found in an email. 02/16/2019

  • Cryptococcosis lung disease caused by the inhalation of fungal sporesCryptococcosis is a lung disease caused by the inhalation of fungal spores of two species of Cryptococcus: Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii. Cryptococcosis effects humans and animals (e.g., Australian koalas). 01/30/2019

  • Almost Extinct Tree Could Provide Powerful Cancer Fighting Properties Almost Extinct Tree Could Provide Powerful Cancer Fighting Properties Currently, on a nature reserve in Southeastern China, three Abies beshanzuensis, or Chinese fir trees sit untouched as the last of their kind.
    Threatened by the changing climate and human disturbance in the surrounding area, researchers are racing against the extinction-clock to better understand these trees, as they could inspire powerful new ways to treat various cancers.

  • Michael Blankenship Wood Turning DemonstrationMichael Blankenship was an invited lecturer/demonstrator for the annual IWCS meeting in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. He is a completely blind wood turner. He was a woodworker all of his life but never turned wood into bowls until he became blind in 2003. He taught himself to turn wood by listening to videos. Michael gets his wood to turn his unique and one of a kind bowls from urban logs or trees that would have ended up in landfills. He believes in recycling logs to make useful and beautiful bowls. Michael has been demonstrating for various symposiums and clubs throughout the country. He has been showing his techniques and methods so that all turners despite their disabilities won't give up their love of turning as well as inspire others to start turning. 01/12/2019

  • Thousands of Southerners Planted Trees for Retirement. It didn't work. Too much pine and not enough saw mills spell years of depressed prices for plantations.

    STARKVILLE, Miss.—Over the past hundred years, the George family's farm has been sharecropped, grazed by cattle and planted with cotton. By the late 1980s, Clayton George was growing soybeans and struggling to make ends meet.

  • Suffering From Nature Deficit Disorder? Try Forest Bathing Suffering From Nature Deficit Disorder? Try Forest Bathing. Who hasn't felt an inner sense of well-being when walking along a forest trail, the sun filtering through the leaves to create a kaleidoscope of light and shadows on the ground? 06/28/2018

  • Africa''s biggest trees dying off Why Are Some of Africa's Biggest Baobab Trees Dying Off? A common myth among the indigenous people living near southern Africa's Zambezi river holds that the earliest baobabs were vain about their massive size, and as punishment were ripped from the ground by the gods and replanted upside down, with their roots in the air. 06/28/2018

  • Emerald Ash Borer ProjectAn extinction-level event is slowly unfolding in New Jersey, one that will profoundly change the state's landscape, do upwards of $2.7 billion in damage and potentially dampen property values in towns across the state. 09/15/2017

  • Giant Lion SculptureThe clearing that tree poachers call the Slaughterhouse lies in the northwest corner of Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest, concealed behind the wall of hemlock and cedar that edges Forest Road 25. 05/29/2017

  • Giant Lion Sculpture Carved from Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People and 3 Years to CompleteIT APPEARS THAT THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN Giant Lion Sculpture Carved from Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People and 3 Years to Complete. 05/19/2017

  • Washington apple growers sink their teeth into the NEW COSMIC CRISPWashington apple growers sink their teeth into the NEW COSMIC CRISP. 05/07/2017

  • 60,000 Species of TreesThere Are More Than 60,000 Tree Species Worldwide, Scientists Say. 04/15/2017

  • Extinct tree grows anew from ancient jar of seeds unearthed by archaeologistsExtinct tree grows anew from ancient jar of seeds unearthed by archaeologists. 03/06/2017

  • Wildfires in Colorado could get worse because of state's 834 million dead treesWildfires in Colorado could get worse because of state's 834 million dead trees. DENVER – Colorado's beetle-infested forests are peppered with an estimated 834 million standing dead trees that threaten to worsen wildfires and degrade vital water supplies that flow from mountains. 03/06/2017

  • Gold Grows On Eucalyptus TreesGold Grows On Eucalyptus Trees. Australian researchers confirm that deep-rooted Eucalyptus trees pilfer gold from ore deposits underground and transport them into their leaves.03/06/2017

  • Dr. Charles RayDr. Charles Ray and his work with the Penn State wood collection. Bill Hallman is a television producer and has recently completed a segment featuring Dr. Charles Ray and his work with the Penn State wood collection. He thought the feature may be of interest to your group. 02/09/2017

  • Wolves in Yellowstone National ParkWolves Introduced in Yellowstone. In 1995, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, along with Canadian biologists, captured 14 wolves in Canada and placed them in Yellowstone National Park, where they had been extinct since 1926. Over the next few years, the number of wolves rose, but that was the least of the changes that took place in Yellowstone. 02/07/2017

  • Trees Need Time To ChillTrees Need Time To Chill. If These Trees Don't Get Time To Chill, Farmers Will Be Out On A Limb. Frigid temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees help set buds that will turn into flowers in spring, then into fruits and nuts in summer. The problem is that there is a decrease in the amount of hours needed for tree crops to reach these temperatures. 02/07/2017

  • Mystery Of White Trees Among California's Redwoods May Be Solved. Albino redwoods are white because of a genetic mutation. A researcher in California thinks he might have figured out what purpose the trees serve in the forest.01/22/2017

  • Scientists Work To Bring Back Once-Thriving American Chestnut Tree. The American chestnut tree used to make up a quarter of the forests in the eastern U.S., but disease decimated these trees in the last century. Now there's an effort to restore the American chestnut.01/22/2017

  • Sequoia Tunnel Tree Brought Down by California StormSequoia Tunnel Tree Brought Down
    A powerful winter storm in California has brought down an ancient tree, carved into a living tunnel more than a century ago. The "Pioneer Cabin Tree," a sequoia in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, saw horses and cars pass through it over the years. More recently, only hikers were allowed to walk through the massive tree.

  • Monkey Puzzle TreeEffective January 2, 2017: The entire genus Dalbergia spp. (except for Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), which is listed in Appendix I), the three bubinga species of Guibourtia demeusei, Guibourtia pellegriniana, and Guibourtia tessmannii, and kosso (also called African rosewood) (Pterocarpus erinaceus) have been listed in CITES Appendix II and CITES documention may be required for import and re-export of these species and items made from them.

    Also see this PDF document Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Protect Our Forests ForeverHelp protect the health of forests for all, forever. 10/14/2016

  • World's 10 Oldest Living TreesWorld's 10 Oldest Living Trees - on Mother Nature Network Website. At 4,841 years old, this ancient bristlecone pine is the oldest known non-clonal organism on Earth. Located in the White Mountains of California, in Inyo National Forest, Methuselah's exact location is kept a close secret in order to protect it from the public. 09/08/2016

  • Designboom architecture design art technology shop.Designboom architecture design art technology shop. - on the grounds of the historic royal fort gardens in bristol, artist Katie Paterson and architects Zeller & Moye have realized a participatory, public artwork that relays stories of the planet's history and evolution. 'hollow' is a meditative space made up of 10,000 unique tree species whose narratives span millions of years 08/04/2016

  • Mountain Pine BeetlesMountain Pine Beetles. University of Calgary researcher Mary Reid, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is studying the interaction between beetles and trees. She has found attacked trees are the ones with more defences because the pine beetles can smell them and detect them as as suitable breeding spots. Photos by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary. 08/02/2016

  • How Trees Talk to Each OtherHow Trees Talk to Each Other. 07/28/2016

  • Action Against Desertification project, to promote sustainable land management and restore drylands in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Action Against Desertification project, to promote sustainable land management and restore drylands in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. 07/28/2016

  • Forest and Climate ChangeForest and Climate Change. Scroll down the web page to see the next article. 07/28/2016

  • Trees In Central Sudan Denuded.Trees In Central Sudan Denuded. Scroll down the web page to see the next article. 07/28/2016

  • Gypsy Moth DestructionGypsy Moth Destruction in Northeast. 07/23/2016

  • Ancient Oak Tree in BritainAncient Oak Tree in Britain 07/19/2016

  • American Forests Big TreesAmerican Forests Big Trees 04/11/2016

  • The Disease That is Killing Native Hawaiian TreesThe Disease That is Killing Native Hawaiian Trees 04/08/2016

  • Morris LakeInteresting article on Morris Lake that mentions the IWCS. posted 05/29/2016


  • Random Wood ArtRandom Wood Art 04/06/2016

  • Chestnut SeedlingsChestnut trees blooming again in ET. Stacy Clark, research forester with the U.S. Forest Service's Southern Research Station, visits a planting site that tests for the survivability and growth rate of hybrid, blight-resistant chestnut trees in the wild Monday in the Cherokee National Forest. Six years ago the U.S. Forest Service planted 562 chestnut seedlings on this 1.5-acre plot to test how hybrid chestnuts bred for blight resistance fare in the wild. The project is at the forefront of research aimed at restoring the once-mighty chestnut tree to the Appalachian forest. (AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL). 03/30/2016

  • Hardwood Bathtubs
    Hardwood Bathtubs

  • Tallest American Chestnut Trees Found in Maine
    Tallest American Chestnut Trees Found in Maine

  • Amazon battle over most valuable trees
    Amazon battle over most valuable trees.

  • Science Lowers Shattering Risk at Home Plate
    Science Lowers Shattering Risk at Home Plate.

  • Lumberjack lives in Northwest
    A shot of Peter Gruenwoldt from Seattle's Tree Cycle, working on a 100' Elm.

  • Tree Counter image
    How crews are protecting ancient giant sequoias from a California wildfire.

  • Tree Counter image
    Tree Counter
    is Astonished By How Many Trees There Are.

  • What a tree sounds like when played on a record playerWhat a tree sounds like when played on a record player. 07/28/2015

  • Scrapwood Sculptures
    Have a look at these Giant Sculptures from scrap wood

  • ChurchHave a look at this old wooden 350-year-old Church of Peace in southwest Poland. Use your mouse and scroll button to look all the way round the Church. It's incredible. 06/29/2015

  • Andromeda Beth MoonStunning Photos of Africa's Oldest Trees. For the past 15 years, fine arts photographer Beth Moon has taken pictures of really old trees. 06/26/2015

  • Rebuild Old Growth Koa Trees in Hawaii posted 05/15/2015   Old Growth Koa Tree in Hawaii

  • The Chainsaw Man    posted 03/15/2015     The Chainsaw Man

  • Tree Sculpting

    Recycled Tree Sculpture Gallery.

    posted 03/15/2015

  • Jamison Cooperage, Cork, IrelandJameson Cooperage - This is one of the last coopers in Ireland talking about his craft. Recorded at the Jameson distillery near Cork, Ireland.

  • Wooden ButtonsA New Idea In Wood Collecting - by Allan Schwindt.

  • Create

    Lessons In Creativity - NPR Ed this year is celebrating great teachers and exploring issues around great teaching.

  • TreesThe Red Pine Routine - The Japanese red pines at Shofuso are typically pruned in the fall. Even though there are only three red pines at the site, this can be a time consuming task.

  • Old Tree Moves in Michigan

    Old Tree Moves In Michigan   For as many as 250 years, a bur oak has been growing on what is now the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. The big tree stands in the way of an expansion of the Ross Business School.

  • Trees With Character - Unusual trees. Trees 16

  • Photo 16South Dakotan sculptor John Lopez creates life-sized scrap metal sculptures with a uniquely Western American twist. In his hands, old discarded farm equipment is recycled into sculptures of iconic creatures from the American West like a bison, a horse plowing a field, or a Texas Longhorn.

  • Tools in the hands of 5 year oldsPutting Tools In The Hands of 5 Year Olds - Construction Kids is a Brooklyn-based program offering building classes throughout the year for kids as young as 2 years old. It's one a new and immensely popular wave of programs trying to shift kids away from computer screens toward actual, hands-on activities. Like building things from scratch.

  • TreesTrees - Trees are the oldest and the largest living things on earth. Some are weird, some extraordinary, some gorgeous, and some shaped by the human hand to fascinate and amuse.

  • Old Money - Randall Rosenthal has a talent that can result in mind-bending illusions. old money

  • Where Old Wrenches Go To Live On - He does it all by himself from a wheel chair. old wrenches

  • The Wood Man - and his incredible craft. old wrenches