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I am interested in expanding my wood collection as funds permit. I collect in the form of transverse slices, commonly known as “tree cookies”. I am interested in all woody tree and shrub species, even those not considered commercially valuable. I am looking for slices green or dry about 10-12” (~25 x 30 cm) in diameter, and/or whatever is representative of that species.

Eli Jensen #10010
Phone: (928) 606 0373

I am interested in doing some swaps. I have 2,200 specimens 60 x 6 x 90 mm of all sorts of imported and home-grown woody plants.
Lionel Daniels #6509
Windy Heights High Cross,
Foxfield, Petersfield Hampshire, UK GU32 1EK
Phone: 01730 827472

1000-plus different kinds of wood specimens precisely crafted and labeled, most identified from trees in the forest. I have woods from the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and others. Contact me for a list.
Alan B. Curtis, #1132HL
2370 Douglas Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97405.

I provide wood specimens from around the globe, accurately dimensioned, nicely sanded, and labeled. I maintain a mailing list and send notification when new specimens become available. Contact me for a list.
Gary Green, #6654L
9923 N 800 E, Syracuse, IN 46567

Over 1,000 different wood specimens around the world. Over one third are specially figured like blistered, curly, fiddle back, quilted, bird eye, mottled, burled and over 200 species from Vietnam.
Réjean Drouin #3589
333, 19 e rue, Québec, Québec, Canada G1L 2A5
Phone: 418-529-5466

I have a good range of more than 400 species of Australian rainforest and outback woods in specimen size or as egg blanks. I will also cut to your requirements.
Colin Martin, #7189
4 Dorothea Crt, Harristown, Queensland 4350, Australia
Phone: area code 061 # 4635-3697

I have two or more specimens of more than 700 to 800 different woods from the whole world in my stock. I would like to exchange or sell. They are standard or another sizes. Contact for my list.   
Dieter Becker #6362,
42 Engersgaustr, Neuwied, 56566, Germany

I have logs, planks & whatnot. Must sell off. Some are pretty rare: leadwood, S. African red ivory logs and planks, snakewood logs, one ebony log from Belgian Congo, etc. Will send list. Link to woodcollection for sale is:
Dennis Brett #257,
Phone: 201-891-8077

I have over 1,000 different specimens of wood from around the world for sale or trade. I have some larger pieces of woods for collections of crafts from different wood species. Please send me your list for trade. Contact me for my latest list.
Dennis Wilson #2324-L
1545 Fitzgerald Ln, Alpena, MI 9707-8862, USA

For sale: More Useful Woods of the World $7.00 + postage of $4.00, and A man of the Woods (Richard Crow biography) $7.00 + postage of $4.00. Both books are a total of $14.00 plus postage of $5.50.
Dennis Wilson #2324-L
1545 Fitzgerald Ln, Alpena, MI9707-8862, USA

I’m interested in doing trades and expanding my current collection. I have a couple hundred standard-sized duplicates from around the world. Email me for a list or view it online.
Eric Meier #9701
4850 Merilee Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55343;

Wood for Sale: Calirfornia nutmeg. Very rare: 4/4 to 5/4 X 12"" to 16"" to 8' long; $8 to $10/bd/ft.
Dave Mouat #7101

I grow trees on my farm and own a small sawmill. I’m really looking for regular users of wood, rainforest species, especially Australian Red Cedar and others, Hoop Pine and a few Eucallyptus, but I can also supply some unusual species to wood collectors. Many of these trees I have planted myself.
Bob Whitworth #10085
Qld. Australia.

I started recently to collecting and I’m interest in expanding my collection. Contact me for exchanges or sell.
Francisco Rodrigues #10166
Rua das Casas Novas 104
4590-764 Ferreira Portugal
phone: +351 931113710

I sell books on wood; Hardwoods of Australia, Pines of Australia, What Wood is that? World Timbers, etc. I sell used woodworking tools and rare and exotic native timbers. Please email me. Please don't phone.
Graeme Briton #9149
Launceston Tasmania,

I have surplus specimens that I would love to trade for specimens not yet on my list. Email me with your list and I’ll send you mine and maybe we can swap some.
Herm Stolte #5796
2816 Grant Crescent SW, Calgary, AB, Canada

I make my sample into 1” cubes, and am not interested in standard sized samples. I am mainly interested in shrub woods and species native to the US not considered commercially viable. I have a select few native New England shrub-woods and hardwoods available for trade.
Kian Breslin #10173
99 Curtis St., Reading MA 01867

I am a new member of IWCS. For Sale: Australian hardwood blanks. Approximately 2,000 pieces. Most are 15 X 15 X 8-20 inches long. A variety of species including Eucalyptus and acacia. My late flutist and this is his wood collection. He was researching hardwoods suitable for making flutes and flute head joints.
Andrea Skowronek
Kansas City, MO;
(816) 210-1192

I would like to sell my dad's (#303) wood collection. It was collected before 1981, probably started about 1930. Some samples are not standard size. Some are identified in pencil and are hard to read. I will donate 75% of the sale price to the IWCS.
Jack Blakeman
Maumee, near Toledo, OH, USA.

XYLOS provfides standard size specimens from woods collected by IWCS members Willem Hurkmans, Hank Bakker and Nelis Mourik. Our list will be regularly updated and consists of many exceptional species for the serious collector. For our story and specimens list see the July/August 2020 WoW, or contact us.
Hank Bakker
Leeuwerikstraat 23
2352 ER Leiderdorp, Netherlands

Southern African Wood BookNow Available, Southern African Wood (ISBN 781920217587, Briza Publications, Pretoria, RSA), authored by former IWCS members Stephanie Dyer (#9380), Danielle James and Barry James (#9381). It is a fully illustrated guide to the properties and uses of wood from 140 Southern African tree species. A handful of leather-bound collectors editions remain for $140.00 US dollars plus shipping and handling, and the standard hard cover books are $46.60 US dollars plus shipping and handling. These are discounted 20% for IWCS members. Non-members will be charged $168.50 +S&H for the collectors edition and $57.57 + S&H for the standard. Each copy will be signed by the authors. All copies will be shipped from Pennsylvania, USA. Reserve your copy today by contacting our Northeast Regional Trustee,
Mark R. Peet

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