Camp Lone Star rooms are available

Arthur Lee

June 23, 2022 Message from Gary Green:

Hi All,

It is almost universal that our members are convinced that there are no rooms available at Lone Star. What I’ve been made aware of is that members call the camp to see if rooms are available and are told “no”. That’s because IWCS has them all reserved. Mention you are with IWCS! Or they are under the impression that these are all bunk houses with nothing but bunk beds. False. Only two of the rooms contain nothing but bunk beds. Most have a queen and/or two twins. Some, but not all, of the staff tell the caller to contact IWCS.

There are currently 16 rooms available at Camp Lone Star and at least 20 rooms available at nearby motels. Those wanting a motel room should mention IWCS when making reservations. Members with questions should contact me.