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The Richland Library (Columbia) is starting up the STEAM educational library program series again, online, virtually. Richland Library is starting with a program about Herbaria (scientific plant specimen repositories) hosted by the Curator of the U of SC Herbarium (Columbia, SC, USA). One does not have to have a library card; you are able register as a guest. To register, go to and click "Register" and then on the page it brings you to click "Continue as a Guest" and fill out the required information. An email address needs to be provided in order for you to access the program on Zoom. Adults can attend as well as children and if anyone has any questions, please send email to ( If the registration limit (25) has been reached, please sign up for the waitlist and send an email to We are able to accommodate an extra 30 participants as silent observers using the provided email. See also the attached copy of the Instagram post, where you can follow us.
Come learn about basic plant identification and what a herbarium is.


September-October 2020 WOW
September/October 2020 WOW Journal is now available in Members Only.
IWCS Directory September 2020
IWCS Directory September 2020 is now available in Members Only.

In response to the requests of wood collectors, the International Wood Collectors Society endeavors to supply wood specimens of 80 species. Prepared specimens measuring 0.5 x 3 x 6 inches are available in kits containing up to 44 specimens. Whether used for studying wood structure or identification, these specimens will prove to be a valuable resource of information to collector, tradesman, craftsman, teacher, or hobbyist alike. Specimens are shipped in a padded cardboard box and are numbered to correspond to the list below. Also included is an eight-page wood identification bulletin with an identification keys and photos. Click link: pdf/wood_specimen-list-06-2020.pdf

The October 26 - 31, 2020 Australasian IWCS Conference and Annual General Meeting at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre has been postponed to 2021.

Regional Trustee Ian Heffernan and meeting organizer, Ron Allen, have
rebooked the Adelaide AGM for the 18 - 22 October 2021.

Hope to see you then!

Australasian AGM


The February 15 - 19, 2021, IWCS Southeast Regional Winter Woodfest
Monday thru Friday Breakfast
Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center near Eustis, Florida, USA

Lake Yale Meeting was CANCELLED


Greetings to all IWCS members.

More and more information is coming to us every day about the spread of Covid-19. But my main concern is the safety of each and every one of you.

We all know what to do to protect ourselves. I for one am staying home and I know a lot of you are doing the same. Even though we are to practice social distancing, there is no reason we have to cut off friends, neighbors and family. Now is the time we need each other, especially the older folks. We can phone, text, email and even video chat to each other on our phones or computers. If you do venture out to the grocery store, see if a neighbor is in need of anything. If so, you can leave it outside their door and they can get it once you leave. Your smallest gesture of caring could brighten someone's day.

Oh yes, don't forget to wash your hands.

Until this is over, please watch over each other, help when you can and remember to pray for all of us, wherever we may be.

God Bless You All,


Elaine Hunt
1st Past President IWCS


Request for vouchered chestnut samples to assist with a joint American Chestnut Society and Pennsylvania State University research project. *-- Letter from Chuck Ray --*

  • Meets Postponed Until Next Year
  • IWCS Jan 31, 2019 - Hazards, Planning and Preparing for Working With Wood. 01/31/2019

  • Jim Zoellner

    Jim Zoellner
    . Masterpiece in the Making. Garry Roux started a "friendly" competition between Bob Dickherber (member 8719) and Jim Zoellner (member 8364). At last count Bob came in with 7000+ pieces against Jim's 5251. Jim went back to work. It was never Jim's intention to let it be known what he was working on,however, here we are.... Now see his completed masterpiece... 06-29-2020


  • Making Wood Chips
    Making Wood Chips

    Display of wood crafts at the First State Woodturners (FSW), woodturning display at the Delaware State Fair. Submitted by by Eric Krum. 08-17-2019

  • John Hampton

    John Hampton Article in PDF format - taken from WOW Journal. 03-13-2019


  • Now available, Southern African Wood (ISBN 781920217587, Briza Publications, Pretoria, RSA), authored by former IWCS members Stephanie Dyer (#9380), Danielle James and Barry James (#9381). It is a fully illustrated guide to the properties and uses of wood from 140 Southern African tree species. A handful of leather-bound collectors editions remain for $140.00 US dollars plus shipping and handling, and the standard hard cover books are $46.60 US dollars plus shipping and handling. These are discounted 20% for IWCS members. Non-members will be charged $168.50 + S&H for the collectors edition and $57.57 + S&H for the standard. Each copy will be signed by the authors. All copies will be shipped from Pennsylvania, USA. Reserve your copy today by contacting our Northeast Regional Trustee, Mark R. Peet. E-mail: . Updated 05-25-2018


  • IWCS Wood Specimen Kit order form with instructions for selecting and ordering wood specimens from IWCS. Gary is a professional Urban Forester/Sawyer and takes great pride in preparing high quality wood specimens, all properly seasoned, clean, well milled, free from dirt and defects and accurately identified and labeled. As of 08/06/2018


  • Guide to Wood Microtomy
    Guide to Wood Microtomy by Ernie Ives -- in the Members Only section under "Wood Identification Content" 121 pages -- Posted 12-07-2016


Gary Green when youngTwo years have passed which brings me to my last message. Better late than never... I met a member for the first time at the Florida Winterfest last February. He accused me of using my senior high school photo for this column. Another member, who I think was quite serious, said the photo was too large which caused him to jump when he opened every issue. So, here is my real senior picture in a reduced size. Still a little scary, isn’t it?

I want to use this platform to ask for your submissions to the World of Wood. Several members from the Eastern Hemisphere have had numerous articles published, which is a good thing, but with our membership distribution we should certainly expect more from the Western Hemisphere. I recently submitted an article that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did in researching and writing it. You surely have something that will be of interest to our membership. Give it a go!

With the Coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of the Alpena, Michigan, USA AGM, the now popular Zoom Meeting is planned to be used to conduct our business meeting on September 12th. The agenda is lengthy but was sent to the board well in advance of the meeting so that any necessary discussion can take place before the actual meeting. Using Zoom enables board members from around the globe to participate although at the scheduled time for US it is very early in the day in Australia and late evening in Crete.

At that meeting we will be saying goodbye to Garry Roux, 6466L, HL as Vice President who also held the positions of New Member Correspondent and Nominations Committee Chairman for about eight years. Thank you Garry! We will welcome Dennis Wilson, 2324L as President; Rick Long, 9978 as Vice President; and Mark Duff, #6409 as President Elect. My thanks to these members for stepping up.

We are currently searching our membership for five positions: Southwest Region Trustee — Dave Mouat, #7101 — has served two terms and is currently acting as interim, but will be moving outside of his region; Great Lakes Region Trustee, position currently held by Roger Pletcher, #8016 whose term is about to expire; New Member Correspondent; Nominations committee Chairman; All Mail Auction Chairman. Most, if not all of the work involved in these positions can be done from home.

On the Florida Winterfest Meet: on August 26 I talked with Don Smith, #9577 who was willing to proceed with the planning and registration and take a wait-and-see approach until our deadline with Lake Yale in November. The next morning, I got two calls from Elaine Hunt, #8174 who had a sleepless night worrying about the meet. Aside from the fact that we would likely see reduced attendees, possibly resulting in a financial loss, she and I worried about the safety of attendees. If you’ve ever attended one of our meets you know we are a tight knit group with lots of hugs. For me it was impossible to envision a business as usual meet and exercise social distancing. So, it is now official, the Florida meet is cancelled.

Looking over the past two years, there were lots of fun times and a few disappointments. In hindsight, I think if I had elected to take another term I could have worked with what I learned and used it to my advantage. But that ship has sailed, and I will continue working in my role as First Past President and hope for many positives. One thing is for sure, the IWCS has made a huge impact on my life and I have met lots of people who I consider lifelong friends. I’ve said many times that wood people are happy people and it is a pleasure to be one of them! Thanks for putting your trust in me.



  • What's New in Woodworking
    What's New in Woodworking.

  • Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines
    Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines.

  • 60000 year old forest underwater
    Scientists uncover 60000 year old forest underwater
    and think its preserved trees may help pioneer new medicines.

  • Australia Burns
    The fires in Australia as the world knows are enormous
    , damaging to all life here and they are ongoing.

  • Know Your Trees
    Delight in the splendor of spring trees at Rowe
    — their bark, their buds, the beginnings of new leaves and flowers—and learn to know them by name!

    Please join me as we get to know trees across a range of scales, from cells to forest ecosystems, and through expanses of time. You will learn about the identifying characteristics and growth processes of trees, and explore what makes this sense of “knowing” feel so potent, so vital—how learning names and practical facts can open a window into deeper understanding and connection. When the weekend is over, you’ll be able to walk through a typical forest and actually know what you are seeing.


  • Omi Center in Ghent New York The Omi Center in Ghent, New York, has wood paneling salvaged by the Hudson Co. from mushroom farms. (Hudson Co.) Sawkille Co., based in Rhinebeck, New York, salvages tree trunks, turning them into stump tables and seating. They can be bleached, stained or custom dyed. (Sawkille Co.) 03/09/2020

  • Bodgers Ball 2020Bodgers Ball Feb 2020
    We will be holding the second annual US Bodgers Ball to be held on June 26-28, 2020 in Wisconsin. It will be a fun time of green woodworking, chairmaking, spoon carving, blacksmithing and more and we would love to have you attend.

  • IWCS Student Membership Application now includes the "student friendly" rate of $15 USD per year.

  • IWCS Wood Data Sheets. Listings of all ever published.

  •  Charles David Ray, Ph.D.Penn State Wood Pro News by Charles David Ray, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management Forrest News from Wood Pro Resources. Updated 04/06/2017

  • Wood blog Forest wood, timber, lumber, biomass, energy wood, pulp wood, wood furniture, wood buildings, and anything else woody you can think of. Because, well, wood is good. And you'll agree if you visit Go Wood every so often. So, read... enjoy... comment... share... and Go Wood! Updated 10/18/2018

  • Searchable index of articles published in the last nine years. As of 03/06/2011

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