Wood Crafting

Many of the IWCS members in addition to collecting the standard sized wood samples, collect wood to make saw dust. Crafting flat and round items from the many species of wood they acquire.  Different species of wood, many uncommon, can be acquired at the various regional and annual meetings.  Some members are wood arborists who keep some of the more interesting species of trees they cut down during the year, and bring the logs to the next meeting where the wood is milled and purchased by other members.

Crafting wood from a large number of different species of wood can be a fun and a rewarding hobby. Besides learning about different species of wood and how they work, cut, sand, drill, glue, etc.  You would be amazed at the large number of different colors and grain types that various species of wood come in.  In addition to the auctions at most meetings, there are also classes on wood identification, collecting and different types of crafting.

Members bring part of their wood collection to meetings to show what they have crafted.  One member carved a Thumb Tack out of each species that looked like a thumb.  Another turns a bottle stopper from each species.  Another member turns a lidded box from each collected species.  At most meetings the display tables fill up with wood items crafted by members.

There are many advantages and ways to expand your crafting by joining the IWCS.