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Wood Collecting Organizations

  • Dutch Wood Collectors Society – The Nederlandse Vereniging van Houtsoortenverzamelaars (NEHOSOC) is a society of about 300 people with a keen interest in wood, and, especially, in collecting woodsamples. Its members are individuals and the occasional organisation, generally of Dutch nationality, but a few members from other countries as well. The society was founded on February 1st, 1947. Its aim is to spread knowledge about wood and to support and stimulate the collection of woods, specifically woodsamples. It has no intention of making profit and it thrives on commitment of its members.


  • American Chestnut Foundation – The goal of The American Chestnut Foundation is to restore the American chestnut tree to its native range within the woodlands of the eastern United States, using a scientific research and breeding program developed by its founders.
  • CITES(the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species.
  • Forest Product Society – Supporting information exchange on the use of wood and wood-fiber resources, the Forest Products Society (FPS) provides its members and others in the forest industry a variety of publications and conference opportunities for furthering member research and goals.
  • Penn State Extension Wood and Forest Products
  • Hobbit House Inc. – a non-commercial site focusing on color-correct pictures of exotic and domestic woods.
  • Inside Wood – The InsideWood project integrates wood anatomical information from the literature and original observations into an internet-accessible database useful for research and teaching. The InsideWood database contains brief descriptions of fossil and modern woody dicots (hardwoods) from more than 200 plant families, and is searchable by an interactive, multiple-entry key. This wood anatomy web site has over 35,000 images showing anatomical details.
  • International Association of Wood Anatomists – The IAWA was founded in 1931:
    • to create awareness of the place of wood anatomy in science, technology and conservation of natural resources, for the public good;
    • to exchange ideas and information through correspondence and meetings;
    • to facilitate collection, storage and exchange of research materials;
    • to provide rational bases for the consistent use of terminology in descriptions of wood and bark, and to cooperate with others having similar aims in other related fields of plant anatomy;
    • to stimulate the publication of scientific articles on wood anatomy and related fields (including bark anatomy, “woody” monocotyledons);
    • to encourage and assist the study and teaching of wood anatomy and related fields;
    • to promote research in wood anatomy and related fields and to engage in any other activity consistent with the objectives of the Association.
  • Jean-Claude Cerre’s Techniques – Wood Photography par excellance – in a series of the following three videos, IWCS member Jean Claude Cerre of France, presents the system for macrophotography of wood that he has developed. The first video covers the overall method as described by Jean Claude in French with English translation interspersed; the second describes the wood preparation process – featuring an eight step end grain sanding ending up with a 4000 grit mirror-like finish; and lastly, the computer based, high quality digital photography techniques and devices he uses to obtain high quality digital images featuring a ten times magnification image and one at 90 times magnification.As Jean Claude has shown during the development of this process, acceptable quality images can be achieved using less expensive camera and photographic manipulation systems, and suitable images can be produced for individual and educational purposes. The Jean Claude Cerre System system is therefore readily achievable by amateurs. Jean Claude’s natural colour images, however, using the best equipment are stunning and beautiful and will benefit future wood research.
  • Wood Database- It all began back in April of 2007. I had recently checked out some wood identification books at the library, and I wanted a way to organize all of the most helpful data into a single reference file on my computer. After cataloging the wood’s common and scientific names, weight, approximate cost, and any other notes or observations that I thought were unusual to that species, I printed the file out and used it as a reference guide in my shop. (At that time, I was involved in making psalteries—a type of stringed musical instrument.) Over time, I found myself referencing this chart so many times, and I had made so many additions and alterations to it—adding my own observations, density readings, etc.—that it became nearly indispensable. Many times when a project would come up, I would consult the chart as a guide to help me use the most appropriate wood possible. Timber Information Services – specializes in South African wood identification and timber information. I serve the local market by providing a wood identification service (microscope analysis) and manage a wood properties database on timber species grown and used in South Africa (approximately 400 species). I also have a wood sample collection of approximately 1000 samples. I am a part time lecturer in Wood anatomy, growth and properties at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg. My qualifications are: MSc Plant taxonomy (University of Pretoria) and I am a registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions as a Professional Natural Scientist. Memberships: Member of the South African Institute of Forestry; Member of the Microscopy Society of Southern Africa. Stephanie Dyer, Timber Information Services, PO Box 1256, HILTON; 3245 South Africa. e-mail: [email protected]
  • Walnut Council – the Walnut Council is an international association representing nearly 1000 woodland owners, foresters, forest scientists, and wood-producing industry representatives in 45 states and seven foreign countries. The purpose is to assist in the technical transfer of forest research to field applications, help build and maintain better markets for wood products and nut crops, and to promote sustainable forest management, conservation, reforestation, and utilization of American black walnut (Juglans nigra) and other high quality fine hardwoods. Walnut Council has 12 state chapters and publishes quarterly bulletins.

Craft Specialty Items

  • Artist Allan Schwindt – Whether in a bronze of a Grizzly Bear foraging for food or of a small herd of Antelope racing across a plain, the Oregon-born artist captures the spirit of the settings in his original, anatomically correct and authenticity of his bronze art.
  • Galeria Clemente – Francisco Clemente – Wood Artist – With strong determination to express himself with art, to define his artistic vision, Francisco Clemente, has become an accomplished woodturning artist in Hawaii who has won awards and presents his work in many local and national juried exhibitions.
  • Jim Ciesla Wood Works – Jim, born and raised near Buffalo N.Y., is a second generation woodworker and has now been woodworking for more than 45 years.
  • The Turning Point – Woodturning and Candlemaking offers a broad selection of one-of-a-kind wooden bowls, platters, candle holders, and bottle stoppers, as well as hand poured beeswax candles. Great for gift-giving or decorating, as well as functional.
  • Impressive Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb


  • Newberry Furniture – Our studio designs and handcrafts a variety of kitchen accessories, including cheese, bread, round, chef and cutting boards, sushi tables, chop sticks, chop sticks rests, jam spreaders and pizza peels. We introduce about 15 new items annually. We build furniture for your garden space and for the home. Look at our Custom Furniture and see our varied projects. Inquiries are welcome.


  • Fine WoodWorking – Enjoy 1000+ articles from Fine Woodworking magazine, skill-building videos, project plans, tool reviews, and more. Plus one-on-one expert advice, and access to the current issue of Fine Woodworking from any computer.
  • The Woodworker’s Library – The Woodworker’s Library, based in California, was founded in 1977 when woodworker Richard Sorsky found it surprisingly difficult to procure copies of certain classic woodworking books published earlier in the century. So he established Linden Publishing (the parent of The Woodworker’s Library) for the sole purpose of reprinting certain of these texts that had fallen into the public domain.He soon after founded The Woodworker’s Library as a means to market these same titles to other interested woodworkers around the globe. The business now stocks over 1000 woodworking books, plans, DVDs and videos on every conceivable related subject: cabinet making, carving, turning, furniture construction, arts and crafts, carpentry, and much more. A newsletter and catalog are available.

Tools & Other Suppliers

  • GluBoost – Welcome to a new sponsor of IWCS! The GluBoost professional system provides flawless results that industry elite rely upon daily! Take the Gluboost Challenge!!!
  • Infinity Cutting Tools – offers a wide variety of woodworking routers and wood routing accessories including router bits, router tables, featherboards and workholding accessories, bearings and stop collars for router bits, and a variety of router jigs and guides.
  • Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of woodworking tools and supplies including Klingspor Abrasives, General Finishes, Mohawk Professional Finishes, Porter Cable, Bosch, Sawstop, Powermatic, Jet plus 100’s more top of the line woodworking related manufacturers. We offer 10,000’s of items on our web store, in our mail order catalog, as well as 1 of our 4 conveniently located retail stores in North Carolina (NC). We have recently celebrated 25 years of business and welcome you to visit our webstore or if in NC, stop by a location nearest you. www.woodworkingshop.com, 800-228-0000.

Wood Turning Organizations

  • American Association of Woodturners – International, non-profit, and now nearly twenty years old, the American Association of Woodturners is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the advancement of woodturning. Our mission is to provide education, information, and organization to those interested in woodturning–a branch of woodworking centered around using the lathe to shape wood.
  • First State Woodturners – located in northern Delaware, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) affiliate chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).  Our Chapter provides a place for area woodturners to meet regularly, show their recent work, learn new techniques, view demonstrations, and discuss various aspects of woodturning. We have lathes available, and experienced turners to demonstrate safe procedures and techniques.  We frequently have guest demonstrators at our monthly meetings — including turners from other Chapters, as well as turners of national and international renown. First State Woodturners typically meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Woodcraft of Wilmington store in New Castle, Delaware. We also have an ongoing collaboration with the Mt. Pleasant High School STEM Lab in Wilmington, and sometimes we hold our meetings there. Besides Delaware, we have members from nearby Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  We also offer a reduced-price Affiliate Membership for those who already belong to another AAW Chapter or live outside the US.  We are currently only meeting online via Zoom, but plan to return to in-person meetings later this year.  We plan to continue streaming our meetings via Zoom so that everyone can attend regardless of where they live.

Woodworking Organizations

  • Diablo Woodworkers – The Diablo Woodworkers is a club that was founded at the start of 1997 to serve interested woodworkers in the Diablo Valley of the San Francisco East Bay Area. The club is open to both men and women, regardless of where they live.  Members bring wood projects or subjects of interest to the meetings as a means of exchanging ideas and techniques and becoming better acquainted. Most of the members are garage woodworkers although some are professionals. One of the benefits of membership is the meeting of new friends that are interested in the same subject.
  • Sawdust & Woodchips Woodworking Association – SWWA is a non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of over 150 woodworking enthusiasts, ranging from novice through professional.  We serve the Central NY area but our membership draws woodworkers from all around the area. We draw members from as far north as Clayton and Watertown; south as far south as Binghamton; as far east as Utica and Clayville; and as far west as Rochester. Regularly, members from those areas attend our meetings.  Our club meets the 1st Wednesday of every month with meetings starting at 6:30 pm and generally ending by 9 pm. Our meetings are held in the Community Room of the Belgium Cold Springs Fire Department Station 1 which is at 7920 River Road, Baldwinsville.
  • Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society  Founded in 1983, SAWS is a non-profit Society located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its mandate is to promote fine woodworking to the public and to raise interest in SAWS by encouraging membership.

Wood & Veneer Suppliers

  • Carleton McLendon, Inc. – Carlton McLendon, Inc. sells beautiful, exotic rare woods from all over the world. Whether you are producing knife handles, restoring antiques, turning burls on the lathe or building furniture, Carlton McLendon, Inc. is your source for the finest quality rare wood and veneer. They have been selling fine wood and veneer continuously, in the same location, since 1976 and have a reputation for quality, dependability and superior customer service.
  • Cook Woods!– There is no better place to find the latest, high quality exotic hardwoods than Cook Woods! Cook Woods (www.cookwoods.com) has been helping woodworkers and craftspeople from all over the world find the exotic woods they need for art gallery pieces, fine furniture, guitars, and more. We bring in the finest lumber and exotic hardwoods from all across the world, as well as beautiful hardwood logs, slabs and boards grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. From Asian woods like Afzelia and Amboyna burl and African Waterfall figured Bubinga, to California Claro Walnut, you can always find a great selection of quality exotic wood at competitive prices that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fordaq – manages the leading online market for wood professionals. More than 51,000 wood professionals (log producers, sawmills, veneer mills, panel producers, importers and large industrial users) have chosen to become members of the Fordaq network.
  • G. W. Green – Urban Forester Sawyer – > I have several thousand board feet of every conceivable hardwood and softwood lumber in stock. Also, standard wood samples or specimens are 1/2 x 3 x 6″. This “standard” is accepted worldwide as the size for collection, study and identification purposes. If you have an interest in forming a collection or just have an interest in wood, join the International Wood Collectors Society. I’m an IWCS life member, #6654L, and collect, prepare and distribute my samples to members of the society and others. They are accurately sized, machine sanded and labeled with the botanical name, common name, and origin.
  • Gilmer Wood Co – We supply thousands of woodworkers and manufacturers with the world’s finest woods.
  • Griffin Exotic Wood of Colorado – Sellers of premium quality and one-of-a-kind exotic woods for turnery, carving, and musical instruments. We recently added many pen blanks to the items that can be ordered online.
  • Rare Woods and Veneers – Our site has over 1300 carefully scanned wood specimens, listed by botanical name in alphabetical order. Most are meant as reference material. Some of them are available for sale or trade, and of course we offer a full variety of lumber and veneer in any quantity.
  • Rare Woods USA stocks large volumes of rare and exotic timbers. They carry 180 species of stunning wood from around the world (from Ash to Zebrawood) for projects small or big. Located in Mexico, Maine.