Dr. Gene Bryson Himelick #2948-HL

Dr. Gene Bryson Himelick
Dr. Gene Bryson Himelick

IWCS regrets the passing of Dr. Gene Bryson Himelick #2948-HL of Illinois, on November 11, 2013,

Dr. Himelick was a Research Plant Pathologist at the Illinois Natural History Survey for 36 years where he specialized in forest and urban tree diseases, and was a Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois.

He authored or coauthored over 200 publications on tree disease research including work on Dutch elm disease, sycamore anthracnose, oak wilt disease, tree wound healing, and the effect on root growth of transplanted trees. He also wrote technical publications on the preservation and care of urban trees.

Most recently he revised a previously published book on The Practical Science of Planting Trees, coauthored by Dr. GaryWatson.

He served as the first Executive Director of the International Society of Arboriculture from 1969 to 1979, and was a member of the American Phytopathological Society, and the Illinois Arborist Society. Dr. Himelick was also appointed Chairman of the first City of Urbana Tree Commission. Dr. Himelick and his wife Libby lived at Clark- Lindsey Village for 8 years where he was very active on committees and participated in many community activities. He was instrumental in the planning and development of the Evans Hobby-Craft Center, where he shared his love of woodworking. He also enjoyed photography, flying kites and small radio-controlled airplanes, and working on the computer. His interests listed in the IWCS directory were wood collecting, wood technology woodworking projects, and woodworking techniques.