Dr. Robert H. Parker #8715


Memorial for Dr. Robert H. Parker, #8715
1941 – March 25, 2016

Dr. Robert H. Parker
Dr. Robert H. Parker

Dr. Robert H. Parker, a resident of Coosada, AL, USA, passed away on March 25, 2016 at the of 75. He served his country in the USMCR, USAF and later Dr. Parker attended and graduated from Auburn University with a Doctorate of Veterinarian Medicine in 1969. He founded the Ark Animal Clinic in Millbrook, AL in 1980. In retirement he spent his time growing and managing trees at his farm and was an active member of Treasure Forest, in 2005 he received the Helene Mosley Award Treasure. This award is conferred annually to recognize the most outstanding Treasure Forest in Alabama, especially with respect to their educational values and use. He received an award for Tree Farmer of the year in 2014. Dr. Parker loved to spend time with his family after his retirement. Family time was important to him. He was devoted to his community and friends whom he would do anything for anyone. He is survived by wife of 50 years, Betsy who says that the IWCS meant so much to Robert as he always enjoyed the time with so many wonderful people. Robert was a long time member of the IWCS, #8715. Robert would come to the Lake Yale meetings and would be working on his hand hewn bowls. We really enjoyed watching him chop away. He also had exhibits and presentations on topics such as bowls, hand tools, and spalting wood, which he experimented extensively with. We are going to miss him.