Eric Krum #9467- Posted 04-06-2016

Eric was born in Huntington NY but has lived all over the US as his family moved around a lot due to his father’s job.  Eric joined the US Army and ended up living all over the globe to include two tours in South Korea and the Middle East.  Retiring in 1995 from the U.S. Army as a logistics and acquisition officer, he worked as a lead information technology engineer for the MITRE Corporation working for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology in the area of cyber defense.  He lives on a wooded lot in Maryland with his wife Paula and a myriad of animals.  One nice thing about living in northern Maryland is the large selection of wood species as the area along the Chesapeake Bay is the northern edge of many species that grow in the south.  And it is the southern boundary of many species that grow in the northern areas of the North America.  Eric joined the IWCS in 2010.

Eric has had a true love of wood all his life and has been collecting wood and making saw dust for over 40 years.  His wood collection while including a couple hundred standard wood samples is mostly in larger sizes for making saw dust.  Eric’s goal is to collect samples for all the native North American woods.  He really enjoys making useful items out of wood both flat and round wood objects.  Eric is slowly building a collection of wood species from across the globe in the form of three (3) inch diameter turned wood boxes.   

In 2015 Eric designed a flyer for the IWCS and asked vendors from across the wood related industries to distribute the flyer to their customers on behalf of the IWCS.  The flyer is designed to introduce the society to people who order wood and other related items.  His effort to contact and work with the vendors lead to his nomination as the societies Corporate Membership Coordinator. 

Eric asks that if you know a local wood store who would be interested in setting up a IWCS display in their store and offer a copy of the IWCS Flyer to their customers to please drop him an email at [email protected] for some flyers and dispenser to give to the store.  It will take all of us working together as a team to get the word out about the IWCS to potential new members and to get vendors support.