ERNIE IVES #3345-L Marquetry


Marquetry Fund Raiser by Pat Powers #4228-L

 Howdy, and I hope you are all having fun!

The new owner of this excellant marquerty by Ernie Ives of the UK, is Romaletta James! Special thanks to Bill and Judy Calderwood who voluntered to deliver the plate to Romaletta on their way home from Lake Yale!

 This project added $1185.00 to the IWCS Treasury.
Total expense to IWCS was $0.00!

Donations were from the following:

# of Donors 
13LY 2014  $325.00
3Mail in$75.00
28LY 2015$485.00
Total 46 $1185.00

Opal and I would like to say thanks to all the donors and supporters of this event.  Also, Kris Troyer for handling of the PayPal process, Mihaly Czako PhD, Editor of WOW for his coverage and to Elaine Hunt, Art Lee, and Gary Roux for their help.