Memorial for Max Marshall #2141L by Keith Towe #1480HL and Eugene Dimitriadis #4686HL. Posted 05-15-2017

Arthur Lee

Wood Turning

Max was an active and respected member of the Yarra Turners, and supported this group throughout the years without fail. When the group first decided to conduct a Major Wood Turning Exhibition in 1986, and the despite opposition of several members, he embraced the concept with his physical contributions and his thoughtful suggestions.

That first Exhibition expanded and developed to become the prestigious Australian Woodturning Exhibition and Competition, the foremost Australian Woodturning event, and Max supported this event every year until ill health curtailed his active contributions.

Wood Collecting:

Max was a very active member of the International Wood Collectors Society, fulfilling the role of Australian Trustee over a number of years, and with his contributions being acknowledged with his award of Honorary Life Membership in 2016 for his support to the Australian Chapter. He attended many overseas Society Conferences and maintained a close association with overseas Collectors exchanging Specimens with members throughout the World. His interest in Trees and Timber was wide-ranging, and his personal Collection extensive, a sure sign of his active involvement, and he made many, many friends here in Australia and overseas within this Society.
Keith Towe. 1480 HL

Travelling from Kaniva after an IWCS meeting with he and Mavis and discussing the nature of IWCS its policies and how we manage meetings, and some members who showed traits inconsistent with the goals and aspirations of the society. I valued his experience and wisdom on matters of protocol, which I sadly lacked. He was a great contributor to AGM meetings and IWCS policy and always done with a strong sense of balance and fairness.

I felt honoured to attend a few meetings of the Yarra Turners at Max’s home to talk about the nature of some woods. These were very enjoyable events as this club represented many friends and who were all acknowledged as at the pinnacle of their skills as wood turners. His bolo ties exemplified his skill and background as an engineer.

Finally, Max always made comment and scored the quality of bakeries and their meat pies when travelling through country towns before or after IWCS meetings.
Eugene Dimitriadis. 4686 HL