Mihaly Czako, PhD Appointed Editor of World of Wood Posted 01-17-2013

Arthur Lee

The IWCS Board has approved the appointment of Mihaly Czako PhD, #5220-L, as Editor, World of Wood effective March 1, 2013. 

Mihaly is well known in IWCS as a member for some 22 years and having attended many meetings and contributed numerous demonstrations and presentations. Since 1994 he has been a Research Specialist at the University of South Carolina, Department of Biological Sciences, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. He is considered to be a leading expert on the genus Dalbergia in the world.

Mihaly has a large library and very extensive collection of literature on wood and trees and is an avid collector of wood specimens with some 6,000 species in his collection. 

He is involved in field collection and in advancing the discovery and knowledge of trees and wood, and has provided wood identification services to several members and nonmembers.

Mihaly appreciates wood in all its forms, from the living tree, the engineering material, the collector’s specimen and the useful and artistic objects made from wood.

He has authored numerous peer reviewed scientific papers as well as a few book chapters and contributed to the IWCS book “A Guide to Useful Woods of the World”. He is also experienced with text and graphics layout and presentations involving quality printing. 

Mihaly speaks English, Spanish and Hungarian fluently and can translate Portuguese, Russian, and German. He is a member the International Association of Wood Anatomists, the American Chemical Society, the Association of Applied Biologists, and the International Society of Tropical Foresters. IWCS is fortunate to have an Editor of Mihaly’s stature. IWCS looks forward to him carrying on with the excellent work that has been done by retiring editor Morris Lake in the past five years and advancing the mission of IWCS through his efforts.