NEW wood specimen kits from Gary Green’s personal offerings

Arthur Lee

Over the years I’ve been asked if I could just make up a set of samples. I hesitated as I didn’t know what the collector might be expecting. Also, several years ago I decided that I would make up some sets to offer on eBay when I got some time. Well, the time came and it took a good bit of it, but I created seven sets that are offered on eBay:

The dilemma was what specimens should be in a set. US commercial woods? All oaks (Quercus species)? Conifers? Exotics? The answer was to make a group of about 40 that I had an overstock of, followed by those that I was somewhat overstocked on, right up to those that I have a low stock of. Pricing is related to the severity of overstockedeness (is that a word?), but all sets are cheaper than the individuals and all have free shipping in the US. I have 35 sets packaged and ready for immediate shipment. No two sets contain the exact same specimens, so buy all seven and have a good start on a collection! As always, just ask and I will send my current list so you can order individual items that are in stock. Happy Collecting! Gary Green