President’s Message – July/August 2021

Arthur Lee

I want to begin by thanking the AustralAsian Region for their generous donation and other individuals for their donations to help bring the Matching Funds Drive to 82.7% of our goal. In this year of canceled meetings this fund will help offset those lost revenues. Thanks to all that have donated. Please note our ‘Scorecard’ that tracks how we are doing as a Society. If you have not taken the time to make a donation, no matter how large or small, please do so now and help meet our goal. Contact our Treasurer, Christine Henning, with your credit card information (it is totally secure) or send her a check or PayPal donation. Please make a note that it is for the Matching Funds Drive. Thank you.

Great Lakes Trustee Bob Chastain has become the first to hold a local meeting at his home in Ladoga, IN on 01 May 2021 since the pandemic began. There was a large turnout of members and all had a great time getting back together. We had a first time experience with the attendance of Corey Sweazen (#10329) an independent film producer. Corey completed his last project for Netflix and is now working on a new documentary on wood. Corey traveled from Pittsburgh to film all day at the meeting capturing parts of the demonstrations, sawmill operating, craft auction and wood auction. We all wish Corey the very best with his project and look forward to seeing his documentary. Thank you, Bob, for your hard work and donating most of the costs of holding the meeting, only changing for the catered lunch meal. We need to have each Region follow Bob’s example and plan to hold a one day meeting in each of their respective regions this year. Now is the time to set a date and send it to our editor Mihaly Czako and website chairman Art Lee. They need to know right now in order to meet publication dates. Begin your planning now. If you, as an individual member, have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself and I can help.

While we are in the subject of meetings, please check the May-June issue of World of Wood for the registration forms for the annual meeting in Alpena, MI and Lake Yale, FL. Planning is well under way for both meetings. If you have not sent your registration in for the AGM now is the time to do it. The Sept deadline is fast approaching. We want as many as possible to come to Alpena to help make the meeting a successful one. Please bring a display of your craft work, wood for the auction, craft items for the craft auction and a couple special pieces of wood or related items for the silent auction.

The Australian Region is holding their big annual meeting 17 to 23 Oct 2021. Please check the Wood Meets notice in this issue for details. Website Chairman Art Lee has volunteered to help Vice President Rick Long with the IWCS PowerPoint presentation creation. If you have experience and would like to offer your help, both would be grateful. This is a fun project that hopefully will be a benefit in getting the word out about the Society.

I want to welcome Giresh Ghooray as our Southwest Region Trustee. Dave Mouat served two terms as that regions trustee and when no other member came forward agreed to stay on as interim trustee. Dave contacted Giresh and he agreed to serve the remainder of Dave’s interim term and his own full term beginning in October. Dave went through the procedure of selecting and approving a Trustee with all the members of his region. I want to thank Dave for his willingness to serve longer than he was expected and to Giresh for being willing to get involved and help the Society move forward. Thank you both. We still need members to step forward for open Trustee positions in the Northwest and the UK Regions. Those current trustees have served longer than they originally agreed and it is not fair to impose on them any longer. If you live in either of those regions please contact Alan Curtis or Ramsey Pattison and let them know that you are willing to serve. We need you.

IWCS Scorecard as of 26 May 2021 Number of members: 551

Matching Fund Goal: $ 17,000

General fund balance: $ 34,154

Donations to date: $ 14,060

Average monthly expenses: $ 3,834 % To Goal: 82.7 %