Wilbur F. Opdyke


It is with deep sorrow I announce the passing of our Past President and friend on November 21, 1949 at Cleveland,Ohio. “Wib” gave his everything to the Society and no task or problem was too great. Harold Nogle and myself possibly more than any- one through our close association over the past two and a half years knew his sterling qualities. We will miss him very much. It is our thoughts that he has gone to a better world.

   Wib had a fine loving wife as well as two sterling sons. To those we extend our sincere sympathy and to say the future will bring many fond memories the past. To our members I ask for a silent prayer and wish that “Our Wib” may receive the company and blessing of Almighty God.

 Henry J. Dentzman

GOOD FELLOWSHIP REMEMBRANCE by Chester Frejnik, Member #6.

At this time I’m submitting my thought on good fellowship and as the annual “Cancer Prevention Drive” is on, I’m wondering if it is in place for the members of the W.C.S. to make a voluntary contribution say $1.00, towards the fund for the year 1950 in loving memory of our past president Wib Opdyke. He was one of the pioneer wood-collectors and helped organize our Society which is constantly expanding since its humble beginning in October 1947.

   I know it behooves more the earlier members, who have had connections in the past, personally or through correspondence, with ‘Wib’. My first letter to him was in September 1946, and although my acquaintance was through correspondence only, I found him to be a ‘Father of Wood Collectors.’ I remember him giving me a start with some samples, and helping me as he helped so many others, with his untiring efforts to make the W.C.S. a success.

   Therefore, my suggestion is in appreciation and in the spirit of good fellowship, in loving memory of ‘Wib’ Opdyke; that any member, old or new, make a voluntary contribution of $1.00 to be sent to Harold Nogle. When the contributions are in, have the president write Mrs. Opdyke and send her a check for the total amount with the wish that she donate it to the cancer prevention society of her choice.

   In this way I feel that we would be promoting the spirit of good fellowship in loving memory of the accomplishments of one of our beloved friends.