Final tally from the Shocco Springs meeting

Arthur Lee

Silent auction                    $1,205.00

Craft auction                     $2,335.00
Wood auction                   $2,680.00
Sawmill auction & sales   $1,827.00 
Raffle                               $   150.00
Donations                        $   470.15
Registrations                   $1,849.94                

Total profit                       $10,517.09

Thank you to Rick and Rhonda Long for hosting the meeting, all the attendees, all of the instructors who taught a class, everyone who brought a display of their work, everyone who donated items to the auctions, the auctioneers (Garry Roux and Mark Hauser), the auction recorders, everyone who bid and bought at the auctions (especially the higher priced items!), the auction runners who carried everything, the silent auction set-up crew, the sawmill team who donated their time, equipment and fuel, and the friendly staff at Shocco Springs!