Southeast Regional meeting at Lake Yale, Florida 12-16 February 2024

Arthur Lee

Message from Don Smith:

The 2024 winter meeting is soon approaching 3 months from now, however our contract with Lake Yale requires we pay our 2nd nonrefundable deposit on Dec. 4th which is quickly approaching. I will have to adjust the numbers on our contract before this second deposit is due so they can adjust the actual contract and our next deposit. At that time they will also adjust our room reservations, currently we have half the Palm building and all the bottom floor at the Magnolia. Our current contract is based on a member count of 62 registered attendees, we currently have 23 register attendees. If you are considering attending the meeting (and we sure hope you are!), I would like to ask that you send in your registrations sooner rather than later. If you have already registered as some have, Thank You ! We look forward to seeing you and everyone that attends the meeting soon.

Don Smith will host and handle registration. Rick Long will be in charge of the programs & craft classes. Eric Krum will be in charge of contacting meeting donors. Click here for registration form.