Importing wood into the US

Arthur Lee

Attached is information regarding importing wood products into the USA along with a PDF of Form 585 import permit. Note that in general if you bring wood samples that are not on CITES endangered list, have been sanded or planed, contain no bark and are microwaved you should be ok. For example, wood products that have been planed on each side and do not contain any bark do not require a permit to import, nor do they need to undergo any fumigation or heat treatment; but they will be inspected once they arrive in the U.S. You must also fill out a Lacey Act declaration, specifying exactly where all components of the products originated. There are some exceptions for countries of origin. Keep in mind that this information is relevant to importing wood products into the USA and will not be pertinent to Australia and other countries. For other questions about importing wood, contact Mark Duff.