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List of specimens for sale to IWCS Members Only

Gary Green has an updated list of wood specimens for sale to IWCS members only. Click here for the list.... Read More

Stan Joehlin for Vice President

I was raised on a farm in northwest Ohio, outside Toledo in Ottawa county. We still live on our family homestead farm which has been in the family since March...... Read More

John Lyons for President-Elect

In accepting nomination for President Elect I want to put the international into the IWCS. Our organisation has struggled for relevance and to attract members. Two years of COVID have...... Read More

Richard Long for President-Elect

My name is Richard Long, # 9978, from Indiana but I retired to Alabama three years ago. I have been a member of IWCS for 7 years. I had my...... Read More

IWCS Elections

I am pleased to present our slate of candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice President.Voting instructions are fairly straightforward: You will find in the March/April 2022 WoW two...... Read More

IWCS Scorecard as of 30 September 2021

Number of members: 552 Matching Fund Goal: $ 17,000  General fund balance: $ 38,508 Donations to date: $ 14,150  Average monthly expenses: $ 3,642 % To Goal: 83 % ... Read More