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World of Wood 75-6 (November/December 2022) added to the Journal Archive

Click here to go to the World of Wood Journal Archive... Read More

The September/October World of Wood

The September/October (edition 75-5) World of Wood is posted in the Member section under the Journal Archive. We apologize for the delay!... Read More

New elected IWCS president-elect and vice president

The new president-elect is John Lyons, (below left) who will become the president in 2024. Stan Joehlin (below right) was elected as the new vice-president. Both will assume their new...... Read More

July-August World of Wood now available online

The July-August 2022 edition of World of Wood is posted to the Members/Journal Archive. Your regional trustee has your password to the site.... Read More

May-June 2022 World of Wood

The printed version of World of Wood (75-3)* went to press on June 10, 2022 and was mailed on July 1, 2022. The current edition of World of Wood is...... Read More

Introduction to the International Wood Collectors Society

Are you interested in giving a talk to your friends or club about the IWCS? Download the presentation above to get started.... Read More

IWCS Archive thumb drive

You can now have every issue of the The Bulletin and World of Wood published by the IWCS from 1947 to 2022, in PDF format, available for purchase on a...... Read More

IWCS 75th Anniversary T-shirts

Small To XL are USD$20.00,  2XL To 5XL are $22.00  Deadline for all Orders will be NOON OCT. 10, 2022. All Shirts will be picked up and paid for at...... Read More

List of specimens for sale to IWCS Members Only

Gary Green has an updated list of wood specimens for sale to IWCS members only. Click here for the list.... Read More

IWCS Elections Cutoff date for receipt of all ballots was August 15, 2022.

I am pleased to present our slate of candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice President.Voting instructions are fairly straightforward: You will find in the March/April 2022 WoW two...... Read More