IWCS Archive thumb drive

Arthur Lee

You can now have every issue of the The Bulletin and World of Wood published by the IWCS from 1947 to 2022, in PDF format, available for purchase on a Black Walnut encased USB Thumb Drive. There are several months missing from The Bulletin but the earlier editions were not published on a monthly nor quarterly timeline. With 75 years of issues to view and search, they are a rich source of information for our favorite subjects, wood collection and information on different species of wood. The issues are sorted by year and the files are searchable. This is a great resource for finding information on your favorite genus or species of wood.

This first issue of the thumb drive is engraved with graphics that celebrate this year’s 75th anniversary of the IWCS. The other side of each drive has an indication of what is on the drive. You can have your own IWCS Thumb Drive by contacting [email protected], providing the address the drive should be mailed to, the number of thumb drives and coordinating payment via PayPal or a check. The price for members is US $49.99 plus postage and for non-members the price is US $149.99 plus postage. A value well worth the price when you consider the history of the IWCS and rich source of information on wood collecting and many different species of wood in the world.