Spring Fling in March 2025

Eric Krum

The International Wood Collectors Society’s (IWCS) new Spring Fling will be held at Shocco Springs Talladega, AL. March 24-28, 2025.  You can expect this to be a must attend IWCS meeting at this first-class conference center.  The Spring Fling will be replacing the Winterfest at Lake Yale, FL.  Classes and demonstrations will be conducted throughout the Spring Fling.  There will be a sawmill milling logs for custom orders and for the auction.  Plan on having a lot of fun during the fling, continuing the fellowship established with other IWCS members and as always being able to make new friendships with new attending members.  In addition, there will be many opportunities to collect some new wood species, wood samples, craft items and lumber. 

See the Event area for more information: Shocco Springs, Spring Fling