New Wood Samples List Available

Eric Krum

It’s that time again – making a public announcement of my latest list. I’m a bit late this year as the lawn needs to be mowed, the flower gardens are full of weeds, and I have quite a number of logs to saw and get the material in the kiln. I’ll mention here that I’m quite often asked when I’ll release my new list. Fact is. I’m happy to send my list at any time upon request. Getting the current list will ensure that you are ordering only items in stock. A six-month-old list will be somewhat obsolete. Just ask and I’ll email it to you.

New additions to my list are from woods that came from the 2022 AGM in Texas, the 2023 AGM in Alabama, and some from commercial sources. More woods are still drying and I have two pallets of wood from the Florida Winterfest as well as some field collected in Florida.
You can find my current list on my business website here:

Please order by item number and list alternates where applicable. I will acknowledge receipt of all orders and fill them in the order received as time permits. Once the order is processed, I will add actual postage costs and email the invoice with payment instructions.

Thanks and best wishes,
Gary Green