The Tule tree in Oaxaca.

Arthur Lee

Our President-elect, Mark Duff, is in Oaxaca, Mexico this week. He sent this photo of the Tule Tree, Taxidium mucronatum.  About 130 feet tall and over 150 feet in circumference- estimated at 2000 years old.

El Árbol del Tule (Spanish for The Tree of Tule) is a tree located in the church grounds in the town center of Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, approximately 9 km (6 mi) east of the city of Oaxaca on the road to Mitla. It is a Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum), or ahuehuete (meaning “old man of the water” in Nahuatl). It has the stoutest tree trunk in the world. In 2001, it was placed on a UNESCO tentative list of World Heritage Sites, but was removed from the list in 2013.