Monthly Archives: September 2022

New elected IWCS president-elect and vice president

The new president-elect is John Lyons, (below left) who will become the president in 2024. Stan Joehlin (below right) was elected as the new vice-president. Both will assume their new...... Read More

The Tule tree in Oaxaca.

Our President-elect, Mark Duff, is in Oaxaca, Mexico this week. He sent this photo of the Tule Tree, Taxidium mucronatum.  About 130 feet tall and over 150 feet in circumference- estimated...... Read More

Update IWCS Southeast Regional Winter Woodfest

Don’t delay sending in your meeting registration, Lake Yale has a new rule change. “3 Business Days before Event: A surcharge fee of $25 per person per “Event Day”, which...... Read More

Elaine Hunt, Past President

I was born in South Carolina, but was moved to Florida by the time I was 4 years old, so I consider myself a Floridian.  I graduated from Dixie M....... Read More