Message from Patti, the Secretary Treasurer

Arthur Lee

We are enhancing the website by allowing you to create your own personal account, which will allow you to manage your password. The password will allow you to access the archived World of Wood journals. You MUST have an email address to open the account. You can create your own password and yearly renewal notices will be sent to you via email. Please make sure you allow emails from me to go into your inbox and not to your Spam folder. Just go to “Membership” then “Renew Membership,” fill out the form and submit. It’s as easy as that!

If you don’t have an email address or do not wish to use an email address, you cannot pay through the website. You may send a check to me or call me with your credit card number and I’ll charge your membership to your charge card. 

Life members and Australasian members, please follow the instructions in the letters, I’ve sent to you.