Voting for President Elect and Vice President

Eric Krum

As a member of the IWCS, voting is not just a right—it’s a duty to help pick the candidates for the two positions that will help take the IWCS into the future.  Ballots must be received by Roger Pletcher before 1 September 2024 as he and another member are counting the ballots then.  

Remember, voting is a responsibility that shapes our society’s future. By participating in elections, we contribute to the strength and vibrancy of the IWCS, an organization with a worldwide reach.  To submit your vote, non-USA residents and on-line members can send an email to Lynn Pletcher at: [email protected].  The email must include:

  1. Name of President Elect selection
  2. Name of Vice President selection
  3. Your full name
  4. Your IWCS number

Or you can vote by downloading the IWCS 2024 ballot, check the box for the individuals you want to vote for and be sure to include your full name and IWCS member number, then mail your ballot to Roger Pletcher at:

Lynn Pletcher

58775 Co Rd 7 S

Elkhart, IN, 46517-9227

The two members running for President Elect are listed below. You can read their resume by clicking on their name.

Rick Long

Mark Peet

The two members running for Vice President are listed below and you can read their resume by clicking on their name.

Stanley Joehlin

Violet Oman